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  1. I’ve seen previews for this; it looks amazing!

    A lot of people should be picking this up.

  2. I just realized that this Destroyer bares a striking resemblence to the Destroyer in the Kirkman mini.

  3. @ActualButt: Well….about that… 🙂

  4. That cover is sick.

  5. Not really feeling the cover.

    All of these have been good to excellent, though, so I’m in for this.

  6. I’ve yet to pick up a 70th Anniversary issue that isn’t at least worthy of 3-stars. I’m in for the haul.

  7. @Noto yeah i’m the same way, these are always decent or baller

  8. These Anniversary issues have been really good.

    Young Allies was my favorite one so far, and my pick of the week.

  9. This was good, definitely a better way to show why Destroyer is a good hero and not from Krikman’s blood soaked issues. Art felt a bit rushed at times but I give it a soild 3.5

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Circus pants!

  11. 3/5 – Not bad by any stretch. Not my favorite of the Specials either.

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