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  1. These covers are consistently outstanding.  I’m looking forward to this.

  2. yes, very ethereal

  3. vadamowens – Excellent word choice.  I agree with your assessment.

  4. Awww … the flying kitty is sleeping. 🙂

  5. Great cover.

    I really like this book but I think I’m going to move from issues to trades on this one. Its such a detailed story that I find myself constantly having to go back to previous issues to remember what’s going on. Def. not dropping this but just not loving reading it in single issues. 

  6. I’ve been trade waiting this since issue 2, so I have two questions:

    Has this gotten any less dense/easier to remember everything from month to month? And more importantly, has Mike Carey given a ballpark idea of how long he wants this book to go on?  I don’t like to read things in trades until I can read them all… 

  7. Not sure about overall length but this feels like one that has a definite ending in mind, just not sure when that will be! In terms of less dense I would say yes but moderately so, however the density is one of the things I like about it. 

  8. Spoilers!!

    remember that episode of the simpsons when homer fell asleep in his car and had a lovely little dream? That cover is also about Tommy having a nap on the autobarn

  9. Does this issue deal with Little Nemo? or is that just wishful thinking on my behalf?

  10. I’m hoping that this book works its way through modern literature instead of just "classics".

  11. @Slockhart – In my opinion, the answers to your two questions are No and No.  I like the fact that it is dense and that we don’t know when it will end, but can also understand how that would entice people to trade wait.  I hope you enjoy the first trade.  Vertigo’s first trades are typically $9.99, so you can rest easy knowing you got it a lot cheaper than we did.

  12. @stuchlach

    $3 ain’t that much. 

  13.  I get the sence that the book builds to a story climax every few issues. So you get a few issues of building suspence than the pay off.  And I difinately fell that the pay off has been worthwhile and cathartic.

  14. Vertigo is on fire right now…Unwritten, Fables, Scalped, Sweet Tooth and House of Mystery.  Looking forward to seeing what American Vampire delivers.

  15. Don’t forget DMZ and Unknown Soldier.

  16. The current Northlanders story is great too (and Daytripper looks really good).

  17. Loved issue 1, but can’t find issues 2-4… guess it’ll have to be read in trade.

  18. I couldn’t get into DMZ.  I read the first 30 or so issues and it just didn’t resonate.  Of course since I’ve  been knee deep in Middle Eastern politics my entire career its possible I’ve grown averse to war zone stories.

  19. My shop must not have received very many of these because they were already sold out at lunch.

  20. Excellent issue. The tension level seemed to increase on every page. I can’t wait for the next issue.

  21. One of the best issues yet. A little bit creepy and 100% heartbreaking. 5/5.

  22. The first issue to get a 5. Keep it up.

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