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Tom’s search for the source of his father’s power has been hampered by the fact that he doesn’t know what it looks like or what it can do. But he’s about to experience it first-hand! As the cabal unleashes a new threat and Tom’s relationship with his friends goes through some more-than-unexpected changes, this may be the worst time to play with fire…

Written by MIKE CAREY

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  1. Still the only Vertigo book I buy monthly. So very, very good. And I love Moby Dick, so this is scratching all the right spots.

  2. One of the few titles I NEVER consider dropping.

  3. Best book on the stands.

  4. Agreed. Have yet to be disappointed. Don’t see it happening though.

  5. This is very good, but just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Dropped 🙁

  6. @Peterparker18102: Huh?  What part of “very good” doesn’t do it for you?

  7. @Peterparker18102  Yeah, not gonna judge or anything, but really not sure how this ridiculously well-done and admittedly “very good” series isn’t doing it for you…Now that Daytripper is over the other comics are going to have to work EXTREMELY hard to give The Unwritten competition for PotW.

  8. Peterparker, so this doesn’t “do it fer ya?” But your all gaga over that deuchey strange tales book?

  9. Now, now kids.  I’m just curious why Peterparker18102’s quitting if he admits its good.  There’s got to be something he’s not telling us.  What are we missing?  Help us Peterparker18102.

  10. Maybe he’d just prefer all his purchases be “great.” I’m getting tired of rewarding mediocrity by consistently buying so-so to good comics. Maybe it’s time I start holding my monthly reads up to higher standards? No idea, but that said, I read Unwritten in trade and so far (vol 2), it’s freaking great.

  11. I’ve been wondering for months when they were going to address the fact that Savoy was bit by a vampire. I was almost beginning to think I imagined that part of the story.

  12. Does anyone know the significance of each scene being titled?

  13. This issue and arc has been one of my favorites so far, took me a little while to sink my teeth into this series but now I really feel apart of the characters and story. 

  14. There was nothing particularly flashy about this issue, but it just might have been the best written regular issue yet. Keeps delivering, well done.

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