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Ruo2101/29/09YesRead Review
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  1. Should I just drop this and get it over with? For some reason, it just feels as if this is going to get good once I drop it and then I’m gonna have a pain in the ass time tracking down the back issues I want, and have to pay shipping and handling, and buy the time the Ebay seller finally sends them (if they don’t get lost in the mail), I won’t even be in the mood to read it anymore.  Guess I might as well just dish out the $2.99 plus tax now.

  2. Nice to see Igor’s cover treatments. Better then anything he’s turned out IN book, for sure. Really close in style to his Cable covers.

  3. @robby — If you don’t like it, stop reading.  If you find it interesting, keep picking it up monthly.  Pretty simple.

    The book is fucking great.  I was unsure of how Dysart would go about telling his story, but about halfway through the first issue I was sold.  I hope that IFanboy pushes people to buy this book.  It could be a great one.

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