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  1. Hmmm….when did the first Annual came out?

  2. I’m guessing last year when brubaker was writing

  3. This is going to be worth it for the art alone.

  4. im guessing theyre counting X-Men Annual 1 froma few yeard ago as the first one, cuz the last Uncanny Annual was the Joe Casey/ Ashley Wood one from 2001 (which, if you can get over the pure garbage art, is a pretty cool story)

  5. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @tittom … Agreed, but damn if I don’t love hating the Hellfire Club, too.

  6. Emma looks tasty as always.  I’m happy to finally see the X-men tie into the rest of the Marvel U, hopefully its for the best

  7. They never should’ve broken the numbering of annuals. I remember when they did it, back in ’96 or so. Every annual was like "Uncanny X-Men Annual ’96" instead of Annual #19 or whatever.

  8. I actually liked that the X-Men were separated from the rest of the Marvel U, oh well. Love Emma though so very excited for this.

  9. I’ve never liked Emma being an X-Man and I hope this is the start of getting her off the team.

  10. yeah the last one was 2006, with the leinil yu storm cover. i agree that annuals should never have broken numbering, especially when uncanny has never broken numbering the way FF and Amazing have (although thats been fixed). isnt thor resuming original numbering soon too?

  11. Wonderful.

  12. this was GREAT!! i loved it so much. I want more stories with Sub-Mariner!!

  13. It was a pretty good issue.  I can see why this was an annual, it really wouldn’t have fit in anywhere else.  The art was a little off for me, specifically the flash back artist.  I understood the feeling they were going for, but still didn’t dig it. 

    So I guess Namor was never just the kind of guy to stalk one woman?  Sue Storm just isn’t enough for him.

  14. I really like this story. It’s nice seeing Emma off on her own. I haven’t read much Namor and this was a nice and entertaining surprise.

  15. This certainly exceeded my expectations. Great Namor action.

  16. I can’t stand Namor so the majority of his involvement with Emma didn’t do it for me.  The fact that Emma was playing him as well was the saving grace.

  17. I have never liked Emma Frost but sometimes the fun is hating a character. But I bought this to see what the X-men tie in is to Dark Reign, so i bought it and and did enjoy the read.

  18. eh, i didnt care that everyone was shinny in this issue, nor did i like how emma was portraid.  she was evil in the past and made a great villian.  why do they have to try and ruin what was good about her?  i never cared for namor eather.  in the end i probably could have done with out this issue.

  19. I just find it fascinating that Emma and Namor used to fuck.

    I mean, we knew that she used to fuck Shaw.

    And in Civil War we found out she used to fuck Stark.

    I just hope we don’t find out she used to fuck Osborn, too…


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