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The X-Men are used to being feared. When FEAR ITSELF finally reaches the west coast, they’re going to become well acquainted with the emotion first hand. The unstoppable power of an old foe renewed is heading their way, and they have all the time in the world to realize how little they can do to stop him. And even more time to think about exactly how he’s going to destroy San Francisco and everything it stands for.

Parts 1 and 2 (of 4)

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land & Jay Leisten
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Cover by Greg Land & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. The ‘fear’ is Greg Land’s art

  2. I am reading Uncanney but if I am totally skipping Fear Itself is there any reason for me to read this?

  3. Ok so this week alone Juggernaut is in New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco all at the same time?

  4. Wait. Didn’t Uncanny come out literally last week?

    Also, that is an extremely silly helmet.

  5. Not sure if Land has been with Gillen before but am looking forward to this.

  6. Silly helmet? It has multiple eyes! And a grimace slot.
    Ok, maybe it is a bit silly.

    I am changing tactics. Apparenty despite all common sense, Greg Land sells more paper. Therefore criticising his art will get us no where. The public has spoken with dollars and we are the minority. Instead, I would suggest that there must be many struggling Marvel books that NEED Land’s magic touch, where the strongly selling Uncanny does not. Deadpool books? Heroes for Hire? Red Hulk? 

  7. @JimBilly4  For reals, let’s use Land for good and get him to do an arc on a struggling book. if it saves a book like SWORD from cancelation i can endure land’s art for an arc

  8. I still don’t understand why people don’t like Land’s art. It works for me just fine, but I guess that’s taste for you.

    At least they had the decency to finish the last storyline before starting the tie-in.

  9. @Kamilo  Juggernaut is the new black

  10. Wasn’t Colossus  getting a hammer? I remember the solicits, did I miss it?

  11. @Diabhol  You don’t get why people object to lightly filtering porno in Photoshop, while confusingly changing which porn star’s hair and face from panel to panel he is stealing while trying to render the same character is a turn off?

  12. Land’s art style isn’t the problem. it’s the photoshoping and tracing that bothers me.

  13. @Jesse1125 Colossus didn’t get a hammer but it appears he is going to get quite the upgrade before Fear Itself is over to even up the odds.

  14. RIGGINS! I mean Cyclops. or 101 Way How Not to Draw a Face… by Greg Land.

  15. not greg land anything but greg land! somebody kill this art with FIRE!

  16. Refresh my memory guys. Why is Magik locked up again? Does it relate to the Fall of the New Mutants story?

  17. I’m not in any way a big art guy, but Land is terrible. Get him off this book now!

  18. Haha you see Collosus’ face like half a time in this entire book. The lengths this man will go to to NOT draw something is crazy. Have you ever seen more backs of characters heads???

  19. After the momentum this book gained after the first arc why would you ruin it with a bad tie-in story and terrible art?

  20. @ Thechangingman Exactly.  As far are Land’s art, I just think that it shows no creativity.  It seems like he’s just going through the motions.  The characters’ don’t seem to have any sense of motion.  They seem more like paper dolls. 

  21. @zattaric  THEY DON’T HAVE FACES!

  22. @USPUNX This comic actually had more character growth than anything else. What’s the deal with Juggernaut though? He’s in every Fear Itself book from Oklahoma to Chicago to San Fran this week!

  23. @PDubble  He’s doing the Forest Gump and just running.  We just get to some of his destructive path.  He can’t go much further though San Fran about the end of the line, he’s going to have to turn back now.

  24. Who would you F if you were gonna die tmr? Namor’s answer: Emma Frost, not Susan Storm?

    Sweet Juggernaut splash pages by Land in this, guess he’s tracing porn for those too?

  25. @Franktiger

    Yeah, I can’t figure out why the Juggernaut scenes in this book had totally solid art (maybe even good), while the more conversation heavy scenes were god-awful. Maybe Land isn’t that bad when he’s forced to draw something he can’t swipe/trace/reference? I dunno.

  26. I agree Land’s art isn’t the best but the Land bashing on this site is out of control!

  27. @KenOchalek  but that wouldn’t really make sense, right?  Cus you’d think if someone could trace something, it’d look picture perfect.

    Land is a greatly talented artist, when peeps hate on him, they hatin on his talent, it’s a pretty typical thing in the world really.

  28. @FrankTiger You’re right, it doesn’t make sense, but maybe the phototracing helps him hit deadlines he couldn’t hit otherwise, therefore those pages look rushed (Collosus not having a face, Kitty’s hair changing style from panel to panel, etc). Meanwhile, the original artwork (the Juggernaut scenes) take up more of his time.

    I can’t explain it, but it’s a bummer. At least this arc is double shipping, so it’ll get better and/or be over soon. 

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