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Hope has been kidnapped and there is only one mutant who can track her down: Wolverine! And when Mutankind needs their messiah more than ever, will Logan do what’s necessary to find Hope? Will the source of his animosity for the red-headed savior finally be revealed?

Story by
Kieron Gillen
Art by
Ibraim Roberson
Cover by
Simone Bianchi, Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Never seen anything by Roberson before, excited to read this though. At first glance, I thought this was X-force cuz of the cover

  2. Pretty catchy art in the previews.

  3. I think I’m out after this. I have really enjoyed the first arc, but Fear Itself has done nothing for me, and then the schism thing doesn’t interest me, it’s a shame though. I think left to himself Gillen could have had a great run.

  4. I believe there will be a good opportunity to jump back on board in about 5-6 issues, when hopefully Gillen will get that chance to do his own thang.

  5. Oh, a Wolverine solo/centric story in Unc. X-Men?  Good, I’m glad that they’re finally making some room in this title to focus on Wolverine…You know, because he doesn’t have like 20 other books.  
    (I realize he sells, and i do like him, but I don’t LOVE him) 

  6. So is Hope relevant again? I’m not buying all the X-books, so I certainly don’t know everything, but it seemed like she was a pretty big deal and then nothing…. It kind of pissed me off.

  7. @Funcrusher  She was in the generation Hope book, so kinda doing her own thing, I dunno what she’s been up to either since i dropped it lol

  8. What exactly is the deal with Hope’s abilities? Is she Rogue without having to touch people? Synch without the Rainbows? What’s the deal??

  9. The art in this was really good, especially of Wolverine’s injuries, looked amazing.

    @MtyKwan  I think she has telekinetic and telepathic powers and can mimic other people’s powers but I’m not entirely sure.

  10. @Anthony-I know she can mimic the abilities of others, but like you that’s all I know. They made a big deal about her, so I’m waiting for her to become relevant. So far, no dice. Her existence is called even more into question with what’s going on over in Young Avengers.

  11. This was a breath of fresh air. While I’ve been enjoying the breakworld story, the book needs a breather(sort of) I also really liked the art in this issue.

  12. eh, I don’t really care about Hope, so I didn’t really care about this issue. 

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