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  1. Where did Psylocke’s legs go? Is the plain white-ness of Emma’s cloak intentional or did Land forget to trace the detail of it? #makingfunofGregLandwarmsmyheart

  2. @captbastrd-I think her legs got absorbed by Namor’s awesome abs.

  3. I’m starting to lose a little faith in Fraction’s overall plotting. I didnt really have a problem with it until last issue, but hopefully this one can pick things up.

  4. fucking land!!!!

  5. @drakedangerz
    The ones that start at the middle of his chest and are off center?

  6. @captbastrd-Yup, right below his absurdly small pecs.

  7. I’m almost starting to like Land’s covers just so we can all make fun of them.

  8. I’m only buying this cause its Uncanny X-men. I hate the writer and artists.

  9. Oh my god… how the hell could Marvel allow this cover to be shown, even in previews. Oh man. And I thought Land’s art couldn’t get worse. I wonder how the writing will insult my intelligence this month, too. 😉

  10. @comicbookchris – Fraction started out so well, some great characterizations, and lots of dangling Claremont-esque plots building in the background.

    I feel like all of that has been gone for a long time.  Juggling the entire x-cast allows for no int-team dynamics, outside of the worthless science team, and Scott

  11. Aside from the Psylocke issue, I don’t think this is that terrible of a cover.

  12. @andrew Art is in the eye of the beholder…. but there are some other things. Such as: Emma’s costume is colored white/silver her cape is a flat color, as if it wasn’t sent out without any finishing touches added. Such as the line in the cape where her arm should be coming out of, or matching it’s color to the costume. Namor’s Abs apparently start at the top of his belt and run up to his pecs and look like a clenched fist.  Also, I justice noticed this looking at it again, it looks as if Emma was photoshopped in over Cyclops’ arm instread of being drawn behind because she’s not colored the same way that the other three characters are on that cover.

  13. five Predator Xs about to drop on Nation X!  can’t wait

    </desperate attempt to steer discussion to the story> 

  14. agreed.  the cover looks cheaply done and doesn’t blend well.

  15. If they kept it just as Magneto leering at the reader, then it might’ve been a great cover.

    Then you have all of this……mess in front of him.

  16. I can’t bring myself to buy this book anymore. Only Matt Fraction could take the awesome situation of Namor and Magneto hanging out with the X-Men and water it down with such annoying, insulting, and absolutely AIMLESS side-plots. Not to mention the visual disaster that is Greg Land…

  17. Fraction should write Iron Man and stay the hell away from the rest the Marvel U.

    Go write and make happen Casanova!!!!!!!!

  18. it should just be magneto and cyclops, everyone else needs to be removed from this cover

  19. Namor looks like someone on that cover, and I can’t figure out who it is.

  20. @Slockhart-I see Chris Pine

  21. Good call with the Chris Pine. 

  22. Look on the brightside, at least Billy Tan is off the book.

    I think Mike Choi will jump on board once Kyle and Yost are off X-Force

  23. honestly, I don’t think his art looks nearly as bad on paper as it does on a computer screen.  doesn’t bother me a bit.

  24. So I had held off on bashing this cover thinking that maybe they were just soliciting what was complete at the time.  DC does it all the time, so no big deal, right?  Then I got to the shop, and the first thing I did when I got my stack was check to make sure I wasn’t wrong in giving Greg Land and Marvel the benefit of the doubt…

    I’m almost embarrassed to have that cover in my stack next to great covers like Detective, Iron Man, and World’s Finest.

  25. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit more than I thought I would.  Granted it was one big fight scene, but still pretty good.  The Rogue scene was particularly fun.

  26. @Drake

    Agreed.  As someone who jumped on last issue (not counting some random issue a couple months ago) I’m glad to see the story is taking its time.  X-Men is the most intimidating thing to jump onto, and while a lot of people have problems with the writing, overall I think this is a good time to start.

  27. Phew! After a highly disappointing previous issue, Im really glad this one was so much fun! That Rogue scene was great!

  28. I dig the Rogue scene too. Gotta admit it was a very cool scene. The book’s still weird and not to my taste, but it was a cool scene.

  29. For all the things that went on in this book it still feels like we are not really moving anywhere with this story.  The Magneto parts were almost painful to read.  If it doesn’t pick up soon I’m dropping it till Fraction is gone.

  30. Dear Marvel: if you insist on leaving Greg Land on this book, please have Fraction immediately kill off two of the Cuckoos– so we don’t continue the embarassment of watching Land simply draw one Cuckoo, then copy the image twice, as opposed to actually drawing all three.

    Matter of fact, Marvel, if you insist on leaving Land on this book, please just charge an extra dollar per issue, and run Fraction’s script in the back, so I can just get the story without having to endure the "art."

  31. I’m still cautious about this title.  So far, the issues I have enjoyed the most have been mostly big fight scenes.  Fraction still struggles when it comes to the rest of his stories and so I’m not about to get my hopes up too much for the rest of this arc.  Still, a strong issue

  32. I am once again left feeling that this issue was more like fanfic than a comic book. Plenty wonky characterisations, and a whole issue dedicated to a poorly describe fight sequence. No real plot progression, just pretty visuals. This whole book is just TRYING to hard.

    I hate to say it but unless we get a new creative team soon I’m done with this title. The other X-Books all offer something good right now. This just looks poor in comparison.

  33. I enjoyed this issue, but my problems with Fraction are still here.  Inconsistent dialogue ("we have freakin magneto"???), too many characters leading to no characterization, and a pretty flat overall plot.  This is the X-Men, simple "someone’s trying to kill us" storylines just don’t cut it.

    Every single issue of Uncanny is turning into Cyclops ordering a group of 30 X-Men find interesting ways to use their powers as a team. 

  34. I do agree that some of Cyclops’ dialogue is odd.  I’m not sure he would say things like that.  I really don’t mind Land’s art, particularly interiors, at all.  Ponsor’s colors work really well with Land’s work too.  the colors explode off the page.

     @Jim- I only see two panels where this may have been the case.  and I don’t see the issue, psychically-linked quituplets would move and stand similarly as far as I’m concerned.

  35. Land’s art is the least of this book’s problems, imo. I don’t think Land as awful as the characterizations and some of the dialogue ("Sup beeotches"?). Still, Fraction’s overall saga remains compelling to me. This issue wasn’t the trainwreck for me that the last one was (due to contrived Xavier-Cyclops-Magneto characterizations). It DOES feel like fanfic, like a few others have said. Just read a few of Fraction’s interviews and you’ll see that he is not an X-Men expert. Still, I’m along for the ride. I actually felt the title was worse a year ago than it is now. 2/5 for me.

  36. @flapjaxx – It seems like Marvel is insistent on having a big name on Uncanny

    I just hope Kyle and Yost take it over sometime in the near future.  They should be in charge of the entire line

  37. As before, I’m really loving the way Fraction writes Magneto. Promotional imagery scared me, but I shouldn’t have worried. The visuals don’t always match, but the words are there.

    That said, yeah, well, it was a fight issue. Those happen. Not my favorites. It was really, really nice to see Fraction get to write Rogue, though, and write her well (even though it was only a fight scene). I hope to see more of her here.

  38. Also, I can’t even complain too much about the cover and Psylocke’s disembodied torso because Namor’s eyebrows here are epic.

  39. Oh boy… so this wasn’t quite as bad as last issue, but there’s some random, random stuff going on here. Magneto’s characterization is just out the window. Cyclops apparently is back to being 18. Other characters seem to be pale reflections of themselves. Still… the biggest problem for me… Cyclops keeps talking about "A strategy." What strategy? Namor and Magneto do their own thing and then 30 random characters show up to beat up one of them? That was a strategy? Is the point that Cyclops is bad? ::Sigh.:: I was going to give this a 1/5 until I read the Rogue scene. Rogue is a character I just hate. I never liked her no matter how many writers have tried to tell me how "hard" her life is and such. The Rogue fight sequence was probably the coolest thing of the entire issue. It made me sit up and take notice. The most interesting take on her powers in her nearly 30 years of existence. And for that reason… 2/5 

  40. "Sup beeotches" is definitely something I can hear Boom-Boom say in my head.

  41. Something is off with this book lately…I don’t feel like I’m reading the characters that I’ve grown up with.  Their dialogue & interactions feel wrong…forced somehow. 

    AND  as someone who has read Uncanny X-Men since #181, I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer # of characters in this book.  I had no idea who Boom-Boom/Boomer/Meltdown was until someone said her name a couple of pages later. 

  42. Ron brought up Cyclops’ leadership in the podcast.  I thought it was pretty lazy writing.  I didn’t see any intelligent strategy there

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