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  1. What makes Emma a queen? Just because she calls herself the White Queen? Cyclops doesn’t have one eye. Angel doesn’t live in heaven.


    Just saying.

  2. She was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, that counts right?  Plus Storm was always been referred to as being a goddess.  So if Storm is so full of herself as to call herself a goddess, Emma gets to call herself a queen.

    And Angel does indeed live in Heaven.  Its also called San Francisco 😛

  3. Are we really only at 505? It seems like it’s been so long since the move… They should just cancel Legacy and Wolverine Origins and release this Thrice-Monthly, IMHO.

  4. From what I hear, Legacy is a better read.  Cancel Wolverine Origins, X-Force, and Young X-Men.

  5. Forgot about those other ones. Yeah, sounds like a plan 😉

  6. I’m only reading Astonishing – am I missing some continuity here? I’m on Astonishing because of the Wheedon run; it was a nice isolated story, right? I have been feeling like i’m missing something since Ellis jumped on and everyone’s in SF. Storm comes along and there’s no "hi-how are you."

    how far back into Uncanny would i need to get in order to feel up to speed with Astonishing? I hate even having to ask that question – i’m not interested in buying everything so that i can enjoy one thing. know what i mean?

  7. young x-men can go, so can x-force and wolverine origins.  but Legacy is really good and so is X-Force.  they seem to have good stories that are relivent.  Uncanny is finaly getting decent too.

  8. Young X-men has been terrible, but the last two issues have been much improved. X-Factor will be good again once Stroman is gone. And I’m enjoying X-force. It’s nice to have a book that’s not ashamed to be excessively violent.

  9. @branjo-You can just go back to issue #500 and thats pretty much it.  That is when Fraction joined and they started the new direction for the entire line.  Plot threads from that first arc will continue on into the future.  If you didn’t want to go back that far, you can just try picking up at #504, the beginning of this recent arc. 

    Last issue was good, probably because I hate Greg Land, but in general I think Fraction is finding his footing.  I expected him to take an arc or two to really get a feel for these characters and their team dynamic.  (Hopefully)

  10. @branjo – I started reading UNCANNY with #500 and ASTONISHING (in issues) with #25, and so far I’ve had no problems with continuity. The stories, while seperate, compliment each other in a very clear (as in ‘not confusing’) way.

    @drakedangerz – Fraction seems to understand the characters he writes quite quickly. As someone who’s been reading his WAR JOURNAL series for two years now, and also INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, I can say that he’s very good at that.

  11. @J4K3-I didn’t say he wasn’t good at it.  He is easily my new favorite writer.  What I meant was that he is having trouble with this specific team.  I thought The Order was good because he created that team and knew how they functioned, understood their personalities.  With the X-men, I just don’t feel that he has truely gotten a handle on how these particular people, who he hasn’t created, work together.  He is getting better with each issue, but I still think he has some room for growth.

  12. I agree with Drake on this one. Fraction was brilliant at writing The Order, but his X-Men need some work (which he’s clearly doing, just kind of slowly).

  13. @drake/goat – Its tough to tell for me, he has been writing 10+ characters. 

  14. @cutty-Yeah, thats part of why I think he just needs to get used to it.  I am hopefull he will improve.  Lots of people said that about Brubaker on the title, but I don’t think he got better over time.  His Shi’ar storyline was fun, but a few issues too long.  Basically, I’m optomistic I will enjoy this title far more as it progresses.

  15. Yeah, I don’t think Brubaker was suited for a book like this.  I like what Fraction is starting to establish, lots of dangling plotlines a la Claremont. 

  16. I think issue 504 was a great jump-on point.  Looking forward to what happens next. The X-Men are obviously a hard team to do — they seem to eat good writers alive — but Fraction’s found his footing awfuly fast.

    Also, I just have to cheer on the "Order" love in this thread.  It was on about page 3 of "The Order" #1 that I knew I was gonna be a Fraction fan for life. 


  17. Anybody notice that it said "To be continued in… White Queen". I wonder whether it’s an ongoing, mini, or one-shot?

  18. @goat77-Its a one-shot.  Fraction is writting it, at least I think he is.  I don’t remember when its coming out, probably in a few weeks

    It was a pretty good issue.  I enjoyed most of it except for the Colossus parts.  I don’t understand his decisions and what exactly he is up to.  One minute he refuses to help a waitress, the next he beats the crap out of the dudes??  really wierd.

    Loved everything else.  I’m so hapy that its getting better!!!  Wonder what Ron thinks…

  19. @Drakedangerz:

    Are you sure you’re not thinking of Uncanny X-Men: Annual? Because that has her on the cover and is a dark reign tie-in.

  20. @goat77-The official title is "Uncanny X-Men Annual: Dark Reign White Queen."  I didn’t make it clear, but thats what I was refering to.  CBR has an interview with the X-editors and they meantion it.  They also say that no Emma mini is planned for 2009

  21. @Drake:

    Ohh okay. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m used to being the one who says "well actually ____ said in an interview…"

  22. Wow, the Mayor of San Fransisco is hot.

  23. well that’s terry dodson for you.

  24. @drakedangerz

    in the russian bar,it seemed colossus was trying to appear as a random, criminally capable, tough guy. ignoring the abused waitress = uncaring, morally shady.  beating up the illustrated man’s posse = physically equipped. he also mentions that he has nothing better to do than sit around and drink in some dirty dive bar. i guess that’s how the mysterious russian is clued in on colossus’ availability for work. perfect comic book logic, now colossus is working for this guy and we, as the reader, are still in the dark about what exactly this guy did in colossus’ youth. 

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