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Eventually Marvel will get tired of putting out all their silly side-series with big crossover subtitles (e.g. Divided We Stand, Manifest Destiny, etc.), and turn Uncanny into a weekly title.  This issue, with it’s irritating Manifest Destiny tag on the front, ties into the Manifest Destiny series, Astonishing X-Men, Dark Reign…and not just in the “all characters inhabit the same universe” way, but in the “all these characters inhabit all these titles, and if you truly want to know what they’re up to you’ve got to read them all….suckers” fashion.  I would be sooooooo very very angry, if Mr. Fraction weren’t making it such a fun read.

When we left off in manifest Destiny, Cyclops had ordered Colossus to go out and hit whoever he needed to hit to get his head back into the game, Beast and Angel were assembling a team of pro-mutant scientists to help combat post-Messiah Complex anti-mutant sentiments, and the young girls of the X-Uni were settling into San Fran.  Oh, yeah, and Storm’s back here, just as she is in Astonishing.

Without spoilering, this issue deftly handles all plot lines, and even makes San Fransisco a pivotal character, moreso than I remember them using Westchester.  Can’t wait to read the next Manifest Destiny issue.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I love so much that it’s all being tied together. Even though I don’t read X-Force (I read all the other x-books besides X-Factor), I know all that I need to know about it to be thrilled by the references in Uncanny to it.

  2. Good review. OK – I am starting to buy into you, Mr. Fraction. Don’t let me down!

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