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  1. Let’s hope this issue continues to rachet up the S&M vibe that Uncanny’s been cultivating.

  2. That cover sure looks like it will definitely continue with the current porny "vibe". I was showing the last few issues to the guys at work and they were kinda surprised at all the kinky S&M goings on. Comic books weren’t like this when I was a kid.  ;o)

  3. I hope Pixie gets beat up again.  I don’t like her grown up, it feels wrong.  Just a few months ago she was still like 12 yrs old.  Still, I want to see how the rest of this story goes.  Hope it picks up and delivers something decent

  4. this is definitely the best raced comic book out there!

  5. I think I’m done here. I just realized I’ve been waiting something like 2 years for UNCANNY to get good. If it hasn’t happend by now it’s probably not gonna happen.

  6. I just read the first four pages online (Milehigh Comics First Look) and once again was blown away by the crazy big smiles and bizzare/jarring expressions of the characters, and it really made me sad.  I’ve grown to truly despise Greg Land’s narrative artwork because it just looks so out of place.  He seems like he might be well suited for advertising, covers, package illustration, posters and the sort, but his sequential story telling is NOT for me.  I want to read this comic (and I will), but I’m not looking forward to it because of the art.  I for one hope Greg Land moves on to other projects.  Soon.

  7. @rwpos:

    Yeah! Yeah!!

    *lights five-thousand torches for use by crazed mob*

  8. ditto, and above I meant to say traced.  why, marvel, WHY?!!! Get a kid with a pack of crayons…

  9. @Aerodynamics: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa

    Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?……Give me some of those torches!!!

    (Greg Land might be up for the worst artist of the year award…Oh wait, he traces his stuff, he’s disqualified!)

  10. I am dropping this book they all just seem way to happy all the time.  Way to smily.

    Give me a torch too. 

  11. C’mon guys, let’s give Greg Land a break. I’m sure it’s really difficult to trace so many pairs of fake boobs.

  12. I dropped this title a few issues ago, thoroughly unimpressed with #500. I keep hearing good things, though, and even though I don’t really trust the sources (sorry, guys) I think the cover of this issue is cool enough for me to give it a shot.

  13. You know it’s not even really about the art for me on why I dropped this title. Even though Land has every right to have an angry, torch weilding mob on his ass.

    Ever since Brubaker been on this title it’s been a complete and utter mess. The storylines are not entertaining and for some reason I dont feel the love for this book like Brubaker has for Captain America or even Daredevil! I know Fraction is taking shots at this book now, but it certainly doesnt read any better then what I’ve read in the last 20-25 issues.

    If you guys (and Ron) like this, that’s fine….people love X-Men and there’s no way around that. It’s just that it isnt the best book you’ll ever read in your life…Especially it isnt the best X-Book out there, by miles it isnt. 

  14. @Champion/flapjaxx – I’m with you guys in that I hated Brubaker’s entire run  and was very very very let down by #500, but I think its really picked up since then.  501 and 502, have had an old-school x-men vibe, and I’ve gotta believe Bru and Fraction are going to lay groundwork for some underlying plot points that they’ll take their time with, a la Claremont.  Yeah, Greg Land touches a lot of nerves, but this is his last issue for a while.  Its an all-star lineup for the X-Men, 2 great writers, and 2 straight very good issues, I think there’s a lot to be optimistic about

  15. Greg Land > Simone Bianchi


  16. Its certainly not the greatest x-men stories ever told, but I’m enjoying it.


    Land is a good cover tracer. Stick Andy Parks ( the guy who did the art on the chasing hellfire arc, back in the mid 440’s) And I will be happy happy. SO yeah, I’ll grab a torch

  17. Sign me up ill be needing two torches one for each hand

  18. haha, you know it seems every time an issue comes out we have the obligatory "Hate on Greg Land" comments.  I’m not a big fan of his either, but after a while there are only so many things you can say about the man’s work. 

  19. @Garrett — ". I was showing the last few issues to the guys at work and they were kinda surprised at all the kinky S&M goings on. Comic books weren’t like this when I was a kid.  ;o)" 

    I know your’e joking around but do you remember "The Dark Phoenix Saga"?   Claremont didn’t exactly go light on the S&M themes 🙂

    @TheNextChampion  —  I honestly don’t understand your motivation in consistently criticizing people for liking a book you don’t like.   What are you hoping to accomplish?

  20. @ohcaroline: When did I say anywhere I hate you guys for liking this? Jesus, I even said in my posts ‘if you like it that’s good for you’. Seriously your reading between the lines and trying to get an arguement out of me.

    If you LIKE THIS BOOK, then GREAT; but if you DONT LIKE IT then I’m gald your seeing the problems I’m seeing. Not trying to get all 334 people who pulled this book off from it. Just stating that I dont like this book. Again dont put words in my mouth. Oh and BTW: Most of the people other then me commented that this isnt a good book…so why not complain to them as well that they hate you for buying this book as well?

  21. @TheNextChampion   I did not use the word ‘hate.’  I have just observed that your criticisms of this and other X-titles seem to be aimed more at other readers rather than at critiquing anything specific about the books.  The only specific thing you’ve said in this thread is "Land traces", which no one is arguing with, but which isn’t exactly a ground-breaking observation.

    I’m simply curious what you want to accomplish by focusing your arguments on the tastes of other readers, rather than on the book itself.  If you honestly don’t care whether other people like X-men books or not, why keep talking about it?

  22. @ohcaroline: Again you didnt read my previous posts. I went on a rant talking about how Brubaker has done little to keep interest with the last 20-25 issues. Where am I also saying I’m critizing you or others who buy this book?

    My first post was joking around with Aerodynamics, my next post was about Land and Brubaker, and my last two are now defending myself because your saying I’m critizing you. Critizing you would be hypothetically saying: Your a moron for picking up this series.

    Have I said that anywhere in those comments? No, so stop telling me what I am saying and read what I’m actually typing.

  23. @TheNextChampion   Not biting.  I’ve already said more than I should have. 

    I’ll keep enjoying these books, you keep enjoying criticizing them, and we’ll all be happy.

  24. This would have been a five from me, except for the art.  I can’t tell the female characters apart without nametags.  Which Fraction helpfully supplies in most scenes.  I am totally enthused about the new Hellfire Club!

  25. Wait i"m new to the hot mess that is Greg Land. did some one say tracing?

  26. @voodoomama-he uses a lot of models and actors as photo references.  Just type it in online and you can find tons of sites dedicated to documenting his acts.

    This issue really has me convinced I should drop this book.  It jumped around quite a bit and I was more than a little pissed that the same trick took out Angel and Cannonball.  Not to mention Emma and Scott’s pointless S&M scene.  It is just to prove to us that Emma is kinky and Scott loves it?  I don’t know, I just really expect better from the "core" X-book.  I am a die hard X-man fan and I don’t think I can take much more than this.  If they want to inject this title with humor and playful team dynamics, I suggest the put Jeff Parker on this book.  That man would pwn the hell out of it.  I am hoping that Brubaker’s next arc will be much better.

  27. man I like any comic that has the bonafide Kentucky drivers license on page one.  

  28. Wow, I am so off this book. I definitely made the right decision dropping it after #500. I found something terribly annoying on basically every single page here. Half of the dialogue seemed stilted and innappropriate, and the character introduction boxes were really annoying, unfunny, unnecessary. I am glad that some people are honestly enjoying this–because I know how good it feels to finally enjoy X-titles for the first time in a while (it’s how I felt about Morrison’s New X-Men and the first 24 issues of Astonishing)–but, gosh, I remember when the X-Men didn’t have to be so overtly socially progressive to actually PORTRAY the ideals they’re now advertising. With Xavier gone, are they now being funded by the ACLU or something (that is not a diss to the ACLU)? All these talking points and little "now-now, don’t be a bigot…" morality moments are really taxing. Not that the presence of politics here is my big gripe, but it’s certainly a contributing factor. The S&M stuff was the ridiculous moment, in my opinion; I’d wager that there are "true" fans of Emma Frost out there who would say that scene was too predictable and out of character. A parody of Emma Frost. None of these characters seem interesting or have motivations that aren’t short-sighted or simplistic. "I want revenge!" "I’m a bad guy!" "I want kinky sex!" "Boohoo! Nightcrawler you stunk up my car!" In my eyes, the decent art was the best thing about this issue.

  29. I’m letting my freak flag fly.  I like S&M Scott and Emma and I’m liking Greg Land, tracing or no tracing.  Just tell the story effectively and not make it look hideous is all I require from an artist.  He’s done both as far as I’m concerned.

  30. @Kimbo – From Kentucky like me? 

  31. @flapjaxx-you thought the art was better than the writing?  Ouch…I wouldn’t go THAT far 😛

  32. I am so glad to have gotten back on board.  Couldnt stand the Brubaker run, but I am loving it since 500.

  33. @flapjaxx   I think you missed something about the Emma scene.

  34. Greg Land gave mutants all a brand new mutation. Now all their teeth are connected.

  35. ohcaroline and I stand arm-to-arm in unity for Uncanny X-Men love.

  36. I know that Land gets a lot of grief for his tracing "art", but I’m loving how he depicts Cyclops – the dude finally looks like he’s loosened up and having some fun here. And with Emma wandering around in kinky S&M gear, no wonder he’s always got a big grin!

    I really liked Land’s Storm in this book too.

  37. @ultimatehoratio- hell yeah, born n’ raised in the ‘ville.  I’ll join the X-men love koombiya.  Hating on the X-books is fashionable but any of us can be called to task for the books we like if held under a strong enough light.  

  38. @ohcaroline: What did I miss? I don’t mean to give the impression that I think the scene was completely useless or didn’t have ANY meaning beyond shock value.

  39. @Garrett-I enjoy his Stormm too.  She be hot, yet tasteful. 

  40. @flapjaxx, i think what ho caroline was hinting at was some diologe between scott and emma had towards the end of the issue.  i’d tell you straight out, but you know, i dont want to do any spoilers. 

    now this may shock some of you but i like the art.  i did see that pixxy isnt as… ample? as she was before, which is good because she is just a kid.  but i think now inconsistancy will be thrown and lang.  what bothers me is the whole S&M thing going on.  im just uncomfterble with the blatent sexuality of the whole thing, but i think it may just be part of the whole san fran theam. 

    but i like it over all and dont think i will drop it anytime soon.

  41. @captainjack I like the art too. I just want a page that is fun to look at, I don’t care too much about how it was drawn. I will say that Emma looked idiotic in the previous issue but much better in this one, maybe there was some change made. The characters do seem to smile alot.


  42. @CaptainJack: Thanks, I see what you mean. I was talking about the earlier scene in and of itself, though.

  43. I’d respond to some comments, but I’m looking the other way and grinning.

  44. @flapjazz  it would have been easy to miss.  and i understand what you mean.

  45. @flapjaxx  But you said the scene was "out of character" and the lines at the end of the issue explain why it would be.

  46. Overall, this book was just ok.  I love my X-men, and I was excited at first, but come on, lets get rid of the focus on Pixie and get some good story telling in.  There are much better X-men than her.

  47. @ohcaroline, @ultimatehoratio, let me in to the X-Lovefest! While I do hate Land’s "art", I’ll still buy the book. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the story. Now, if it was Liefeld art, that’d be a different story. I don’t honestly know what I’d do in that situation. Do I drop the book and interrupt my gapless-since-the-late-eighties run of Uncanny? Do I keep buying and just not reading? Or do I suffer the abhorrent pencils and continue with business as usual? A quandary indeed…

  48. I am digging this book too and liked the Pixie moment.  They are trying to build another Jubilee/Kitty and it may work may not but you if have let it play out.  I’m sure people didn’t like those 2 at the beginning either.  Really wish Land would leave just so we don’t have the Land debate every month and the fact that it sucks:-)

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