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  1. Uh, wasn’t this the cover for last months issue? 

  2. more Wolvie in bondage? 

  3. Heh, Marvel is just switching around covers.

  4. Better that than a Greg Land cover. 

  5. Not a bad issue, but the art in the fill-in pages was noticeably rushed.  Uncanny is supposed to be a top tier book and it looked b-list this month.  Hopefully that will improve with the new team in 500.

  6. Overall I liked this arc.  it felt like a throwback to the Claremont days; a nice little fill-in storyline in between major storylines.  That being said, I can’t wait for #500; I’ve managed to stay spoiler-free so far

  7. Going to start on Uncanny with issue #500.  Seems like a good starting point.  After reading Astonishing Xmen volumes 1 – 4, I think I’m going to start following that too.

  8. I think I’m going to be dropping this book with 500, after having purchased every issue since 150 (yes I’m old). Brubaker on Xmen bores me, the focus on characters I don’t like (Cyclops, Emma,that whole trip into Shi’ar/space) and now with Greg Land as artist? Is this permanenet? Ugh–can’t stand his poses/tracings…um I mean "art"

  9. maybe it’s proof I’m just a Xmen fanboy but I really enjoyed this issue. Scott asking if Warpath is invulnerable then later Warpath telling Scott he’s ok just cracked me up.  Really looking forward to 500 and beyond, is Brubaker leaving the book or is Fraction and him just going to spilt duties?

  10. i loved the wolverien, nightcrawler, colossus story.  i thoght it was great.  the scott emma story i could have gone with out.  it could be that i dont like emma that much.  i guess that its important to have it though so we know why x-men are moving to sanfan.

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