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• The Phalanx return for a special one-shot issue of UNCANNY X-MEN.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Brandon Peterson
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Brandon Peterson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen Brandon Peterson’s work in a few years (some kind of Ultimate mini-series was the last, I think)

    Where the heck has he been?

  2. I need a sort of status update. Does ANYONE know what’s going on with colossus as juggernaut?

    • Yeah he’s the juggernaut. It happened in the UXM fear itself arc

    • Spoilers for UXM 539-542 (from my mildly hazy memory): The X-Men are trying to stop the Fear Itself-ified Juggernaut from totally effing up San Francisco. Nothing is working. Somehow, Peter and Illyanna go to Limbo and convince Cytorrak (the demon that gave Cain Marko his Juggernaughtiness) that Cain Marko has new main squeeze (the Asgardian thing). Cytorrak agrees to take the Juggernaughtiness away from Cain (so the X-Men can stomp on him), but not so fast….Cytorrak wants a new Avatar. Peter ends up taking it on.

      Enter Juggalosus. Or Collosunaut. Whatever.

      So far, it seems that Peter is still Peter, but with a growing piece of a demon inside of him.

  3. VERY curious to see if the art here is that 3D graphics based art that we’ve seen on Brandon Peterson’s cover art lately. I think it’ll blend nicely with a story about The Phalanx.

  4. Ahhhhhh … I love a good one-shot.

  5. This was shockingly good, rival for my pick of the week. I was deciding on whether or not I would continue with this series and just stick with wolverine and the x-men but now the answer is a resounding yes!

  6. What the hell is wrong with Gillen? guy used to amaze me. His Gen Hope and Loki stuff is incredible, hell his pre regen stuff was great but every issue since the relaunch has been utter garbage.

    • What’s making it “utter garbage” to you?

      At this point, I agree that the pre-Regenesis stuff was better, but I don’t think the new run has been categorically bad.

    • Its just uninteresting (to me) I mean this was a HUGE Franchise to relaunch and instead of coming out of the gate running, it just (again to me) fell flat on its face. The whole mister sinister thing was just boring and highly forgettable. Gillen should have done something epic that equals the importance of relaunching uncanny.

    • Fair enough, but they *did* repel an invasion of Celestials. That’s pretty epic in theory, if not in execution.

      I think the Sinister stuff is just the first maneuver in a bigger plot.

      I was a little disappointed that Pacheco couldn’t do the whole arc on schedule (I hope the reason isn’t anything health-related or personal). The guys that helped out did a good job, and the art didn’t suffer much overall, but come on, it’s the first arc and it’s only 3 issues!

      As a what if, do you think your opinion of this arc would have been different if it were numbered 545-547?

    • No, this arc feels excatly like 545-547. Thats what pisses me off i guess. If you aren’t going to do something huge with this, the relaunch was not needed.

  7. My pick of the week. My cover of the week as well! Brandon Peterson is pulling no punches in this one-shot issue. His rendition of mr. Sinister is perfect. The Phalanx is creepy and The Uncanny X team looks AWSOME.

  8. This issue was great. Loved how it was done in one. We really got in the head of phalanx and understood them, not to mention the foreboding Sinister machinations.

    Art was great too. Really surprised. I don’t think I’d seen anything by this guy.

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