• Everything has changed for Magneto in the last few weeks. Can he prove he is still the Master of Magnetism?

• Cyclops and the rest of his crew take the revolution on the road gathering up more new mutants.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Phil Noto

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Really digging this series, I like Bachalo but I’m not surprised that he won’t be doing #4 now, that guy just can’t seem to do more than three issues in a row & then needs a massive break. But the same goes with Irving when he comes onto this in #5!
    I think even though both are good artists they’re just not quite good enough for a month in month out title especially one that will double-ship every now & again.

  2. Super looking forward to this, still loving All New X-Men but I think I am already looking forward to this more.

  3. These X-Men titles really have me stoked, I know it’s been said before numerous times but it really is great to be a X-Men fan right now.

  4. This is my first ever X-Men monthly comic, and boy, am I enjoying it! So, do you guys think I should start picking up All New X-Men as well?

  5. Subscribed.

    May stick around for a couple dozen issues.

  6. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I am so stunned by Bachalo’s women that I’m having a hard time judging this book by any other merit.

  7. Alright iFanbase, I have some recent room on my pull list and I’m thinking about adding this as a nice compliment to All New X. Let me give you some background:

    – Longtime X-Men fan. Child of the nineties. Took a break from them for about ten years when their books … sucked. Got pulled back in by Remender’s X-Force and have been reading that, W&TXM, and All New X-Men from their launch and loving every second of it.

    – Big fan of Magneto, not so much Cyclops, hot and cold on Emma depending on characterization.

    – Love Bachalo, but Bendis is hit or miss with me. Though I’ve really enjoyed All New X so far.

    What say you? Should I invite the book over for drinks? Should I jump in bed with it or get to know it first? Help me out.

    • Bendis normally wears me out with non-action and postponement until I drop the title. That happened with the latest volume of Avengers and Ultimate Miles even though I was gung ho about both in the beginning. The X-Men Bendis is not your Grandfather’s Bendis. Stuff happens and the characterizations are great. Naturally, the dialogue sparkles since that’s his forte, but there is plenty of action. And the art in both books has been killer, IMO. I haven’t read any X titles regularly since the Claremont days except for that Grant Morrison window. But I’m back now, and loving it.

      If you’re into Magneto, then you should read this since it looks like this is where his story arc will be fully explored.

    • All-New has been better, but this has been pretty good. Slower-paced, not as “fun”, but great to look at. More drama in this title. This title is still dealing with AvX fallout (as you could prolly guess from the characters). It has a really cool new mutant named Eva, and a Magneto side-motif. It’s the Yang to All-New’s Yin(g ??). Worth having a couple drinks with.

  8. I have always been a fan of the X-Men, from reading collected editions such as Dark Phoenix Saga; Days of Future Past; and God Loves, Man Kills and watching the old cartoon series. The first time I began buying the single issues was right after Schism, with Wolverine and the X-Men. Between WatX-M, All New X-Men, and this, I could not be more pleased. These stories have been phenomenal! There are several people calling this the Golden Age of X-Men, and I happen to wholeheartedly agree.

  9. First thing I read this week, another solid issue, every issue of Bendis X-Men I finish wanting more.

  10. Still loving Bendis on X-Men. Awesome standoff with the Avengers. And for all the “Cyke murdered Xavier” dialogue…I kinda wish someone would ask Capt. America “If Xavier won and killed Cyke, would Cap be coming to arrest Xavier for Cyke’s murder or would that have been ok?” Errr I’m obviously on the side of the X-peeps…

  11. This just gets better and better. Blowing me away with each issue. Love how Cyclops has become such a badass. POTW easily, just excellent stuff from Bendis and Bachalo.

  12. Well this was just great. Issue 2 was solid but #3 sold me on the series. I’m on board until I lose interest (which goes for all my comics). I needed three comics with the adjective Uncanny on the pull anyway. Speaking of which, this complements Uncanny Avengers nicely considering the team leaders.

    The stand off was fun. I LOL’d at the ‘time out’ bit. I love the position Cyclops is in. They’ve built the perfect anti-hero from the ground up. The double swerve with Magneto was well done and made sense. Bachalo is still awesome.

    I’m almost considering giving All-New X-Men a shot now as well. I’m going to have to take some of the things I’ve said about Bendis back. He still wrote a lot of crap for a while IMHO but this change of pace seems to have done him good.

    • Ya i agree, i must have joined the party late on Avengers on his second go around for the past few years on the series because i tried several issues out and didnt love it. Although he really is writing some great stuff lately with the two x-men books and even his Daredevil End of days has been really enjoyable

  13. I’m really enjoying the series and the arcs of both Bendis X-Men books.

    I do have a rant about this issue though…I hate Avengers vs. X-Men good guy vs. good guy standoffs.

    I mean, really? Tony Stark gets called out on the problems he caused in AvX and all he’s got is “I apologized”? Capt. America, Mr. Stand-Up Guy personified sees no problems with the stance their taking? I just feel like nobody has really written a good reason yet for these two groups to be at each other’s throats, or at least communicate the reasons they should be without just having people being completely obstinate. I call it the William Shakespeare Plot Advancement device…otherwise intelligent characters have to be willfully STUPID in order to advance the plot.

    • BTW, it’s just a pet peeve of mine. On the flip side, I loved the way Bendis wrote the Avengers vs. All New X-Men “face-off” with Kitty and Bobby mocking Beast and Cap. That was pure awesome.

  14. I’m really enjoying All New X-Men and Wolverine and the X-men is getting back to where it was before AvX, but Uncanny is now eclipsing those two as my favourite X-title. loving the story, new characters and the art is unbelievable.

  15. POTW!!! Loving Bendis run on both X-Men books. Cyclops is a badass as well. Still loving Bachalo art as well.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks Bendis is really over-rated right now? The art has been awesome on uncanny and all-new and the overall plot has been engaging. That said, each issue leaves me so annoyed with at least one aspect of the book it’s almost not worth it. Magneto saying his betrayal of cyclops was a ruse and he couldn’t let anyone know about it in case of a psychic. that is retarded. What about a psychic reading magnetos mind in issue 1. I’m fairly new to these books, can no one read magnetos mind? If that’s the case I’m still not satisfied. He wasn’t even wearing that stupid helmet that he stole from Kevin bacon.
    I have another question, is Cyclops always this big of a douche bag? This is the first time I’ve read a book with him as a main character and I FUCKING WANT HIM TO DIE. That last page with the “come to me my x-men” bullshit almost made me throw up in my mouth. I read this and the whole time I’m thinking “who would be on this dickhead’s team?” And then I realize everyone else in the book are pretty much dickheads too.
    In summation, I’m glad everyone is liking this so much, but as far as I’m bendis is a heavy-handed, manipulative hack. The art is still pretty awesome.

    • How do you mean “manipulative”?

      Isn’t “manipulative” an adjective that automatically applies to all writers?

      I mean, manipulating characters through plot action is the basic job of a writer, isn’t it? That’s storytelling. And I’d argue that artful storytelling occurs when a writer designs that plot to manipulate the emotions and expectations of *the reader* without calling attention to the manipulations.

      (Off-topic: And speaking of adjectives, using “retarded” when you mean stupid isn’t very cool.)

    • Yeah, manipulation is pretty much the name of the game. If you don’t like being made to care about a character or what is happening in a comic, then it may not be for you.

      Second, the “Come to me my X-men” line was a Prof. X line from the very first X-Men book, and has been used since then. If you don’t have a history with the X-Men comic, then yeah, the line falls flat and probably doesn’t make sense. Bendis “can” be overrated sometimes, as I feel Hickman can be as well, but I think right now he’s nailing it on both X-Men books. I will say I think you need to assess how much of your comments are quibbles/minor rants vs. major issues that will impact your enjoyment of the book. For instance, I had my own rant this time around, but I still love the book overall.

      If you aren’t enjoying it, drop the book. Life’s too short and comics are getting way too expensive to follow something that you aren’t enjoying….and there’s a lot of other GREAT stuff out there.

    • First off, sorry about the retarded comment. This is a public forum and I don’t know who is reading this. I don’t want to upset anyone with a retarded loved one. My Bad.

      “artful storytelling occurs when a writer designs that plot to manipulate the emotions and expectations of *the reader* without calling attention to the manipulations.”
      @KenO- That’s a good line and I consider BMB to be the opposite of artful. I guess calling someone manipulative is easily misconstrued. I thought manipulative conveyed a negative tone. Bendis wanted to leave us all with a “Oh Shit” cliffhanger after issue 1 and he did, but then it got wiped away in this issue in a way that I thought was very lame. That felt manipulative to me, in a bad way. When Bendis wants to show us what a fun couple Bobby and Kitty are becoming he inserts a very inorganic “skit” or whatever the hell that was in All-New X-Men the other week. I thought that was a very unsubtle way to endear us to the budding couple. for me it didn’t work. It’s all a matter of opinion I know.

      Maybe it’s all my latent insecurities bubbling to the surface, but I sometimes feel like Bendis writes his books like we were all idiots.

      @TiQuinn- I do like these books. Honestly. I love the art and even though the characterizations and dialogue are pretty grating to me, I like the overall arc of the stories being told.

      I read these comment sections though, and it’s like I’m in 9th grade again and Cool Kid #1 is saying how awesome The Beatles (All-New) are, and Cool Kid #2 says he likes The Stones (Uncanny) better. And then I interject myself into the conversation and say that both of those bands are ok, but y’know who really is doing some next-level shit? The Kinks (Legacy)!! And everyone looks at me like I’m a complete moron. *Tragic Hero* Does that make sense?

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