• There is a mole on Cyclops’ team, but who is it?

• When you hunt the UNCANNY X-MEN you use Sentinels, but when you find out WHO’S DOING THE HUNTING your jaw will drop!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo, Jaime Mendoza, Al Vey, & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Chris Bachalo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, & Frazer Irving

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  1. Loved the first issue, loving All New X-men as well. Bendis is my new Claremont!

  2. I have to agree Bendis is killing it on all his X titles. I like the new design of the costumes also.

    • I’m not sure I like the “Uniformity” of the X-Men’s costumes (and in a lot of new titles it seems these days. The worst has gotta be the new Thunderbolts costumes.)

      But we the original Uncanny X-Force to thank for that – they started the trend with their Grey and Red look and it spread like wildfire.

  3. Bachalo: 2 for 2 with the covers. Great time to be an X-Men fan.

  4. Who would’ve thought that two things I had grown tired of, the X-Men & Bendis, combined would turn out to be something so refreshing!

  5. I’m trade waiting this, but Bendis has been killing it on All-New X-Men. Seems like he just needed to get away from The Avengers.

  6. Great cover.

  7. 1st issue has me loving the X-Men like I did when I 1st discovered them and realized how many possibilities were in the X-verse and that they’re comics seemed more on the scientific intelligent side of comics opposed to the other stuff I was reading as a wee lad. Love where this is going and how different it feels from the other X books, it’s not a half ass reboot like the last tIme they renumbered Uncanny X-Men, and I didn’t hate that, a renumbering just wasn’t necessary at the time.

  8. Looking forward to this. Not as good as All New X-Men, but its still pretty damn good.

  9. Based on Josh’s comments on issue 1 from the podcast a couple weeks ago I’m consider poking my head out and trying a Bendis comic again. If the annoying quip-iness and sitting around talking is gone or minimized I might just like this.

    I like the setup and where Cyclops is as a character right now. Plus Bachalo is amazing.

  10. Bachalo!

  11. Hate Cyke’s mask and there’s no way Magneto can see. Just dumb.
    I’m gonna pass on this series. All-New X-Men is mutant enough for me.
    I DO like this cover, though.

    • So, did you read the book, or just look at the uniforms and bounce?

    • I thought Cyclops’ new mask was to help deal with his lack of control over his power. The whole crew looks a little cheesy, I’ll agree, but I’m hanging on until I see Frazier Irving do the X-Men. Besides that though, I think this series us building into something pretty cool.

  12. In for the first dozen issues.

  13. This was great, I wasn’t a massive fan of Scott or the old uncanny x-men title before marvel now but I’m loving this.

    My past experience with Bendis hasn’t been great but his x-men stuff is pretty rockin’

  14. Sooo, this was great! A chance to cool down, get to know our characters, set up the status-quo and, oh yeah, have an AWESOME CUT-AWAY OF THEIR NEW BASE!

    I feel like Ron has to call in this week, just to geek out about that sweet, sweet cut-away!

  15. Glad to see Bendis address Scott+Emma. Thought that scene was handled well. There was initially some criticism about Bendis being unable to write Emma’s “voice” properly, and while I can understand that (it’s close enough for me), I think he has a great grasp of the character.

    Also like what’s in store for Magik as the most powerful member of the group. And this “ploink” character’s power is intriguing as well.

    I still think ANXM is the better book at the moment, both in terms of art and story, but this isn’t far behind. I can’t wait for the two to cross over.

  16. I think this is the weirdest that Emma’s boobs have ever looked.

    Flipped through it at the shop, and there were a few standout pages. Haven’t read mine yet though. Looking forward to it, as #1 was great.

  17. Great followup to the opener. I dug the downtime, the opening sequence with Emma and Cyclops. Glad they’re addressing the fact that they basically just plucked these kids out of their lives, and are throwing them into a less than stable environment. Good plotting that makes me look forward to the next issue. Only gripes are minor: Bachalo’s art makes it tough to discern Emma and Magik sometimes. And for the love of God, who the heck would wear clothes like that in half frozen Canada of all places?

    • Yeah, I really enjoyed this issue and I like Bachalo’s art, but agree that the costuming choices seem impractical. I know that’s kind of been Emma’s thing for a long time, and Magik is always a bit odd, but I thought comics (Marvel especially) were heading away from the overly cheesecakey costume designs for their female characters.

      Again, I think they are interesting designs, and Bachalo draws them well. I just wish they were wearing something a bit less fantastical.

      Take Eva for example. What’s up with the marks on her face? They look kind of cool, but she’s been with the X-Men for only a week or two — maybe it’s part of her personality we don’t understand yet, but it seems odd that she’d choose to put on a spandex (or whatever) leotard and blue warpaint so quickly.

      But I’d never claim to be all that fashionable, so what do I know?

    • I think thats just part of Eva’s mutation. I didn’t see it as warpaint.

  18. My pick of the week

  19. Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    I gotta say, the Scott/Emma conversation was beautifully done. Glad to have Bendis on Uncanny & All-New.

  20. LOVED the comic but c’mon…….. Poink will never be the new bamf


  22. great story……..terrrrrrrible at :(………but great story 🙂

  23. It’s mostly Blah-dy-blah 3/4 of the book. Hopefully we get some action in the next issue.

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