• Hope is on the run for her life, but can she outrun destiny?

• What has Mr. Sinister been doing since UNCANNY X-MEN #3? And what has he been doing while the X-Men have been fighting the Avengers? Find out here!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Dustin Weaver
Cover by Adam Kubert

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  1. yeahhh dat’s a nice cover right there

  2. The preview for this looked like fun with Sinister, maybe more in the vein of JiM…I am giving it a shot

  3. Gorgeous cover

  4. Love the cover – I’m looking forward to this.

    The first story arc with sinister wasn’t all that great but I’ve really been enjoying Gillen’s writing lately – in UXM and JIM.

  5. So Mr. Sinister, Loki, and Ultron were all women at one point. Does anyone know where I can find some slash fan fiction in that vein?

  6. This book is much improved over the last few issues. Gillen’s really stepping it up and the art was BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Did Sinister come “out” in this book?

  8. This issue really impressed me, the art was awesome, the writing was on a JiM level but felt really unique.

  9. Wow – I really enjoyed this book.

    Weaver’s art is great – I recently picked up the hardcover trade of SHIELD and it is so good.

  10. mrcozdude mrcozdude (@mrcozdude) says:

    It was surprisingly good. Best issue since the renumbering.

  11. Glad to hear everyone else loved it too. I just got back from HeroesCon and was thinking I was on con “i love comics” high.

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