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• Rick Remender’s landmark run comes to a conclusion with one of the most shocking moments in X-Force history.

• What will become of what’s left of X-Force?

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Phil Noto
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco & Simone Bianchi

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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Congrats to Rick Remender on an AMAZING run.

  2. Though it’s been a little inconsistance since #18, there’s no doubt this has been a classic Xbook run, so much so that i really have no interest in reading another X-Force book any time soon:)

    • If the team is totally different, then you can’t really compare them to the same extent as if someone had just picked up where this concluded with the same characters.

  3. Such a fantastic series, sad it see it go, but can’t wait to read this.

  4. This series sorta ran out of steam the last few issues but yeah, overall a great book. Nice work there Remender.

  5. That cover is somewhat bewildering, Isn’t Fantomex dead? Isn’t Archangel now Angel?

    This could be a first issue cover were it not for AoA Nightcrawler

    • EVA is there as well. I’m sure it’s just meant to be a representation of the entire series and thus includes everyone who was a member. The story is basically over. Hopefully this issue puts a nice punctuation mark on the the run.

      I must admit, I’m still in denial that Fantomex is dead. I grew to like him so much that I just can’t accept it.

    • the fact that Remender got Ron to like (or maybe just not hate) Fantomex is a stunning achievement

  6. One of my favorite comic runs ever. Really sad to see it go, though I’m glad it’s going out while it’s still on top.

  7. Best x-men run i’ve ever read.

  8. This series has been fantastic. Sad to see it leave Remender’s hands. It’s been a hell of a run. Can’t wait to reread it in the inevitable omnibus.

  9. This was wonderful.

    Can’t wait to read it all.

    I’m still subscribed for the new UXF, and somewhat excited for it as well.

  10. So sad for this to be over 🙁

    On a positive note though, avengers #1 really reminded me of the early issues of this series. I think Hickman/Opena will get that series on par/better than UXF was.

  11. Bye-bye, X-Force. It’s been incredible.

  12. Hate to see ya go, but I love to watch ya leave.

    Really looking forward to this.

  13. All’s well that ends well. All though some arcs weren’t as good as others the series as a whole was amazing. Really going to miss it. I just hope Uncanny Avengers will soon rise to the standard of UXF and Secret Avengers. The quicker the better.

  14. Remender nailed it. All of it. This entire run was fantastic and the conclusion left me completely satisfied.

  15. So sad to see this ending. This has been a wonderful ride. Thank you Remender for a fantastic x-men run. This will be missed.

  16. Loved the Deadpool/Evan stuff, the Fantomex stuff less so (deus ex machina machine??).

    • I don’t see how it’s a deus ex machina. Remender hadn’t painted himself into a corner. He could’ve left Fantomex dead and the story would’ve been just as good. I guess an argument could be made that his resurrection was unnecessary, but I enjoyed it. It’s a creative idea to split the brains into three bodies, and I’m curious to see how it’ll play out.

      My only question is; do they all have telepathic abilities? It’s been a while since I read New X, but I thought the three brains was what gave him his abilities. With them split into different clones bodies, do they all have the suggestive power, or does one? Or none?

  17. Oh Remender you beautiful bastard!!!!!!!!!

    I can`t even begin to explain how much I loved this issue. just.. man…

  18. Satisfying happy ending to the best X-run in years. Sad that I won’t be receiving new issues of this each month anymore, but looking forward to Uncanny Avengers picking up remaining threads. Excited for Evan’s reunion with Fantomex(es).

  19. This was a perfect ending for this series. I really liked that it wasn’t necessarily a happy one for our heroes. A lot of heavy shit went down in this book, and it was nice to see the toll it took on everyone involved. I’m really going to miss this book. It was consistently one of the highpoints on my pull list.

    Thank you, Rick.

  20. Dear Rick Remender,

    This was awesome. You are awesome. Thanks for the ride.


  21. Really, I don’t think you could get a more satisfying conclusion to longer form superhero story than this. There was so much great closure. The stuff between Deadpool and Evan was ridiculously sweet. And in regards to Fantomex, I said above I refused to believe he was gone so I’m quite happy with the results of this issue. Nice twist on his return. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to not mention the wonderful job Noto has done closing out the art duties on the series.

    Finishing Uncanny X-Force has got me excited for Marvel going forward. Not just to see what Remender can do on Uncanny Avengers and Captain America but I also hope Marvel can capture the format Uncanny X-Force followed as a template for success in several of their new launches. Hell, I’m even going to give the new Uncanny X-Force series a shot after the developments of this issue.

  22. Thank you Rick Remender for an awesome run. I REALLY like Remenders Deadpool and the scene between him and Evan was really good. This issue was a great ending to the run and tied everything together nicely.

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