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• The epic saga THE FINAL EXECUTION begins here!

• Who are the Omegas and why must X-Force hunt them down?

• Included in this issue: Two rare stories by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña starring Wolverine and Deadpool!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Mike McKone
Cover by Jerome Opeña & Stephen Platt

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Does anyone know what these “rare” stories are? $5 for an issue really rubs me wrong. Hulk was four bucks for a double sized issue last month with all original content (yes i know it’s a $2.99 title), UXF could have grabbed a bunch of impulse buyers with a big four dollar book here. just hoping i don’t already own the extra stuff in this issue.

    • Yeah – ‘rare’?!?!? WTF?

      For $5 I want super-rare – as in brand new …

    • Well i believe that it is new content from an interview i heard with Remender the Deadpool story is just supposed to be a funny one shot story of him on his own i believe he said but im not sure why it was worded like that here

    • I know I’ve seen that Wolverine story in a trade somewhere before, so I’m guessing the Deadpool one was a re-print too.

      Loved the main story, but throwing that stuff in with an extra $1 on an already $3.99 book seemed a little slapped-together & sheisty on Marvel’s part.

    • Yea the Deadpool is a reprint. I think it was in the Deadpool 1000 issue or some annual. The Mime fight would have been an awesome reprint story!

  2. whoa i almost glossed over that price when reading the preview. $4.99?!?!

  3. I already bought this online at the end of last month, got it cheaper than in-store so guess I lucked out, but it is a bumper edition, with bonuses.

    Sure it’ll be worth the price!

  4. Opena and remender backups, with the final execution arc starting? i’d pay 10$ for this!

  5. Is this the final arc for Remender?

  6. One of, if not the best books out there at the moment. Sure this is going to be a great start to the new arc.

  7. Man – I was really hoping for a Marvel book with a team, side profile cover this month – yes!

    • It’s like the Rev. Dave says… if you’re gonna do the cliche, you better make it extraordinary. And Opena does that here.

    • You know what JH? You are so right

      I was going for a cheap laugh but this cover is actually pretty amazing. Colour palette rocks and the details blow me away. Wolvies teeth and claws! So badass!

    • Haha, cool. I was just happy to make a Cover Hi-Lo reference … which I’ve been missing, as it’s been silent for a few months now. Sigh. I’ll put this cover under “Wins” anyway.

  8. Man, The backup wolverine story was amazing. I wish opena drew every issue. As for the main story, damn didnt see that one coming. Remender is hands down my favorite writer. Gonna miss him on Venom.

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