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Story by Rick Remender
Art by Mike McKone
Cover by Jerome Opeña & Stephen Platt

Size: 39 pages
Price: 4.99

This week I only had one comic on my pull list so I spent a little while wandering around my local CBS to see if anything picked my fancy.

Sadly i’m too much of a completionist to allow myself to start getting into any new series that is particularly far in and there was nothing that new that piqued my interest but X-Men was what I read when I was little and so I can generally pick up what’s happening in any given book.

So this was my book that I hoped would really be worth picking up, a whole comic book store and I chose this.

Now I don’t know if that’s why I ended up feeling it was so average, the sense I could have had anything and I ended up just reverting to type or that maybe the wonders that image are doing tempers anything so run of the mill as an X-book or even the fact that before the new 52 i’d never picked up a DC comic so stuff like Animal Man is pretty new and exciting for me but this just seemed so meh.

If I wasn’t a poor student, yeah i’d be picking this up every week, and yeah I have read the other X-Force comics before this where they are all killy but I don’t see why this is so special. I’m sure I was reading Wolverine chopping up people when I was 8, coming back to it as this exciting idea just doesn’t seem special. Although I must admit I have enjoyed some of the other stories a lot more than this one.

I’d say that maybe I am past superheroes but i’m loving FF & Wolverine & The X-Men and even Uncanny scratches a weird X-itch i had all through my non-comic buying teen years.

I wanted this to be so much more. It even has the added dollar to make me feel I should be getting more, but I didn’t really think the wolverine story was anything special, and I didn’t get the Deadpool story at all.

Although, saying all this, it was by no means bad. It was just another X-Story. Maybe i’ve just had too many of those.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. @Lukeozade100, this was a pretty nuanced issue to try to jump into cold. If you ever feel like giving UXF a second chance, pick up the Dark Angel Saga trades. There’s relationship building and story setup in the issues before that, but I think you could reason them out easily enough in the context of that arc. And that’s where the brilliance of the series really shines the brightest & hits the hardest.

    I think what you got was a more transitional issue – very good for an ongoing reader, but maybe a little inaccessible to a new reader (specifically the weight of the personal stuff with the various characters).

    And yeah, I’m guessing the backup re-prints & the extra $1 on the pricetag were a dirty trick by Marvel. To their credit though, Remender & team have been crafting a very emotionally-significant series with great action to balance it out, overall.

  2. And (sorry to keep yammering on) you’re right, the Wolvie chopping people stuff isn’t new – but I think it was more to accent Psylocke’s internal struggles than to do something new with Logan. The story is really shaping up to be a Psylocke-central one, and the place Remender has her at now is actually really interesting & original (trying to be vague, no spoilers). OK, I’m done now.

  3. I thought the main issue was good but the back-ups left a lot to be desired.

    Spoiler: Wolverine is an angry guy with rage issues. Deadpool is ridiculous on his own and almost unreadable. I can never figure out if Deadpool is supposed to be totally fanciful or what. It’s very distracting. He works on X-Force because his craziness is diluted with great supporting characters and plot lines but as a stand alone character its tough.

    Also I really hope $4.99 is an aberration. If this a new Marvel initiative, I’ll be dropping those titles like a hot rock.

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