• Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld

• Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…

• Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!

• Deadpool is decapitated!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Greg Tocchini
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Leinil Yu & Jason Keith

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I was going to drop this, but my gut says this issue could be a bit better than the last two.

  2. Awsome cover! Makes me want to buy it.

    • I am sure you will get a lot of replies that state don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

      Many readers are put off by the interior artist. I don’t mind it so much. The story is good.

    • not the right place, but how did you get you Twitter link to work?

    • I think I just provided a twitter address in my profile when I signed up. I’ll go look now and see if I did.

    • Yeah , that’s it. Just go to edit your profile in the pull down menu (top left corner with your username) and go in and add your twitter handle in the right space and update your profile. It should show up on posts after that, I think.

  3. Only one more issue after this and we get new arc and a new artist *knock on wood*

    • Yeah I’m looking forward to that, though I’m still enjoying the current arc to some extent.

    • Ugh can’t wait. I have felt meh about the current story and even less enthused about Tocchini’s art. I thought about dropping it after last issue but after the epicness of the previous arc, I figure I can throw Remender a bone and tough it out through this arc.

  4. For whatever reason, i thought tocchini was better last issue, though i still don’t think he’s suited to this kind of story, i can deal with it fine for this arc.

  5. I don’t mind this arc at all. Ya, the art is pretty crappy but hopefully we get Opena back soon. The upcoming Final Execution arc looks to be pretty stellar.

  6. Yeah I’m guilty of being one who dropped this right when the new terrible art took over but hopefully lile said above, Final Execution arc looks good and if Opens doesn’t come back, find a good artist, makes no sense to have lousy art in one of the company’s most acclaimed titles since it began.

  7. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but Remender and Tocchini have a creator-owned title in the works.

    I subscribed to this title, simply because I knew Remender would be writing it. I’m here as long as he is.

  8. I guess I’m in the minority, but I like Tocchini’s stuff and have been enjoying this arc as a whole. I love Opena’s work too so I won’t mind the transition back. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Tocchini and Opena because they have such different art styles, but I have liked this book quite a bit after the art change.

  9. I have hated this arc this far. I am not crazy about the art but the story has just not hooked me, probably because the only time I have read Captain Britain was Cornell’s run. I got nervous because the thumbnail for this cover looked like Gambit’s jacket. Thank God it wasn’t.

  10. Looks like we get Phil Notto On the next arc. Gotta admit, if it can’t be opena im pretty damn glad its Notto!

  11. This is really falling apart for me. I LOVED everything about this book prior to this arc but my god this arc has taken one of my favorite books and made it barely tolerable for me. The art is hideous (at least to me) and the story just seems like a cluster fuck. I have almost no idea what is happening half the time and when I do finally realize slightly whats happening, it jumps to some other weird thing/person I’ve never heard of either. I seriously can’t wait till the next arc and hope to be done with both Tocchini and this Otherworld/Captain Britian Corps stuff for awhile.

    • 2/5

    • Yeah I agree its not the best arc. I could care less about Captain Britain and all that other crap. I still like the interactions between the characters though. Also, the art is different but I can tolerate it. I’m basically just waiting till this is over so we can get to the Final Execution thing that Remender has planned.

  12. Wow, I loved this issue, and not just for the Widget guest appearance, but that certainly helped.

  13. Great issue and best of the arc so far, Deadpool is become a great character and somehow I felt the art was better in this issue then the last two

  14. Hmm… picked up the DA Saga and was blown away. Continued with the first issue of this arc and didn’t care at all. Figured I’d take a break until the next arc, but it’s being drawn by Mike Mckone…

    Sad to say, but I think I’m done with X-Force for the forseeable future. Too much great stuff to buy to continue on a book I’m not feelin’.

    Not sure why I wanted to share that. This place is, like, consumer therapy.

  15. A lot happened in this issue. I’m enjoying the characterization of AoA Nightcrawler. Deadpool and Wolverine talking about Narcissistic personality disorder was hilarious. Everything that was said between Fantomex and Betsy was pretty intense for me, leading right up till the last page which was REALLY INTENSE.

    Its a shame that given all that, all anyone wants to talk about is the art. Seriously read down through the comments its really sad.

  16. Still goin’ strong. This title is like a little slice of cozy for me. Every two weeks I just settle in with no hesitation and let Remender and co. take me for a ride.

    Quick question: Was last issue Weapon III’s first appearance? I was absent from the X-Corner from about ’96 to ’11, but I have read New and Astonishing in trade. I wikied Weapon Plus (rather than bitch about things I’m unfamiliar with), and he is listed with the same backstory, but someone could’ve just written that this week. Just curious. Weapon Plus has always interested me.

  17. Ugh. I just want this arc to be done. With art this poor and messy in a setting I’m not familiar with, it all feels bery confusing. I still enjoy the writing, but these last few issues have been a pain to get through. I’m not dropping the book, though, Remender still has tons of goodwill in my book.

  18. Wow … this book went downhill quick. I was looking forward to the Fantomex story and it has been eclipsed by the “demons invade Otherworld” plot. The art may appeal to some, but I can’t stand it. Sorry to say I won’t be continuing with this book.

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