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A reporter prepares to release photographs of X-Force killing military personnel leaving the squad with one of the hardest choice of their lives, how to deal with her? Nothing can prepare you for the ending, or the ramifications as X-Force are forced to unite with a former servant of Apocalypse! Ramping up to one of the biggest chapters in X-history, and yes, you’ve heard it before– but nothing will ever be the same.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Billy Tan & Rich Elson
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Esad Ribic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Whoa, colorist change? Dean White really set the tone for this book

  2. wow, does X-Force come out every week or am I crazy? Not a problem though (if it comes out every week it’s no problem—me being crazy might actually be a problem)

  3. The special bonus book is Iron Man 2.0 #3? Number three?

    Now it just so happens that I bought issues 1 and 2, but just couldn’t quite get into a War Machine book, so this will actually work for me… but I can’t imagine the average X-Force reader is in that same boat. A real marketing oddity.

  4. uh oh on the change in colorist. That was the rock. well i’m sure it will be hoping….

  5. Here we go again.

  6. Dean White is back on with issue 11. Mounts is the unsung hero of FF so I think this issue is in good hands, although I’d prefer consistency. It must be hard to keep up with the rapid fire releases (I’m not complaining).

    @JimBilly4  I hope you are wrong, that is incomprehensible!

  7. Im not too concerned with the colorist change. On writing alone this book has been fantastic every issue.

  8. Yeah, this issue and the next couple are going to be a real testing point. In six months will we look back and say “Uncanny X-Force started out SO GREAT and now it’s just ‘good'”?

    I like the idea of this “Dark Angel Saga”, and I trust Remender to use the AoA characters well, but… I’m nervous about the art changes. I thought Tan was awful on #9 (liked him on #8, though!). I thought the writing was pretty thin as well on the previous issue, like Remender just threw a couple pat ideas together and then decompressed the heck out of them to make it fill an issue.

    That said, I reread most of the series last week and enjoyed it even more than I did the first time through. This is everything I want in an X-comic that riffs on storypoints from years ago. If Remender can actually have something called “The Dark Angel Saga”, which already sounds so ’90s, and also bring back the Age of Apocalypse characters, and if he can pull it off, then I’ll be over the moon.

    Even with my disappointment with #9, I’m still loving this series. I don’t mind paying $4 an issue for it and will be sad when it goes back to once-monthly shipping.

  9. Hopefully this is more like issue 8 Billy Tan.  As long as he doesn’t have to draw Magneto in his helmet again! 🙂

    I thought before X-Force can’t come out too often.  I think it’s coming out slightly too often recently.  But that’s not much of a problem.

  10. I would be down with this book coming our less often if it meant Billy Tan was no longer the artist. The art in issue 9 was terrible!

  11. Is Opena coming back at some point? I’m still on board, but those first issues have not been topped.

  12. Not sure why everyone seems to hate the art on issue #9, I’ll go back over it but I loved the whole thing.

  13. @nudebuddha  Yes, he is coming back in a few issues to do a whole arc. On one of the podcasts here Remender said that the arc is going to be the finale for the first act (issues 13-18 I think). Should be awesome.

    @MegaPhilip  I agree that it wasn’t that bad at all, especially if you compare it to an x-artists like Greg Land and not someone like Opena. Still, I’m not going to ask Tan for a sketch of Magneto’s helmet any time soon.

  14. @Funcrusher  Well put.

  15. I still have mares, both day and night, about tan’s mag helm…

  16. Another Tan book. Didn’t love the Magneto issue, and now we get this. I can’t wait for the Dark Angel Saga to start to get Opena back.

    Also, this is one of the rare books that is coming out multiple times a month, and I never complain. It’s more of a good thing, a true test of the value of a title.

  17. I love you Uncanny X-Force.

  18. great ish. I love the sinitster face of dark beast when he says….*ahem* where they’re going….

  19. Awesome.

    Keep ’em comin, Rick!

  20. Remnder keeps raising the stakes, and the back-up Iron Man 2.0 was a great bonus.

  21. Enjoyed it…gonna have to google Dark Beast-I never read anything with him in it

  22. tan has got to go, asap.  anyone know when an artist change is coming?

  23. the art was ok…it just didn’t fit what this book has established for itself. Was a total generic looking comic. 

    Story was good….can we have the original creative team back? 

  24. Not as good as Opena to be sure, but I liked the art a lot in this one (better than any other x-book in my mind). I thought that Archangel looked awesome in particular.

  25. UH MAY ZING !!

  26. Marvel has been watering down all their highest selling titles lately. More product at lower quality. As we get into the summer, I am really feeling it across most of their stuff. Second tier artists disrupting rhythm and even the writers seem strained. Yuck.

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