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  1. I’m very nervous about this. i loved USM, but i’m not positive i’m gonna be following it over =/ 


    hope this is good.

  2. Reading "the Ultimate Universe will never be the same" has made me break out in hives. 

    I just want my Ultimate Spidey back again. You know, all that school stuff, bad guys etc. 

  3. I’m really looking forward to where this book goes. It’s one of my favorites. And with Robin (now Red Robin,) Green Lantern, and Captain America, this book is a staple for me. 

    And since no body was found (only a mask), I’m pretty sure USM (Peter Parker) will return in August when the title relaunches.  

  4. Looking forward to the Bagley art!

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing some changes when the title returns though. Like maybe his identity becoming made public and joining the Avengers, or possibly forming a new group with Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde, and possibly the Thing or Human Torch too. I would also like to see him in a relationship with Kitty again.

    I know this is different from the regular 616 Spider-Man, but isn’t that the point?


  6. Ok, looking back on my previous statement, the 616 Spidey did join the Avengers and have his identity known to the public, and he isn’t with MJ either. But how long are these things going to last? His identity is a secret again, he’ll probably stay with the New Avengers, and we all know MJ will be back in the next few issues (just not as his wife, YET!)…  

  7. I have always been a fan of the Ultimate Universe and the comics of that universe.  And I’m looking forward to this, the other requiems and the new direction.



    This whole ‘relaunch’ is just an excuse for Bendis to have a second chance with Geldoff as a villian…

  8. USM is great, I welcomed Stuart Immonen’s art.  However, UFF and UXM have been garbage for the past year so I’m only getting the USM requiems.  I have a feeling Pete won’t be back for a long while and his female clone will be running the show instead.  However, she’ll masquerade as Pete.

  9. @ stmarychni: Well, since she has boobs, we’ll be able to see (as soon as the cover for USM #1 is released for August solicitation) if that’s true or not.

    I really hope it isn’t. I’m banking on him returning. If he doesn’t return, I might just wait it out until he does. And if he doesn’t (oh, but he will) then I’m off the book for good. 

  10. Marvel really like to use the words Requiem and Rebirth

  11. OK Crisis.  DC Shot!


    This looks great!


  12. @ Aquaman

    Don’t forget "Reborn"!

  13. Since when did Tony import all of his 616 armor?

  14. @Parker  Yeah, that took me out of it for a moment, especially after rereading the extras in the Ultimates HC about how hard Hitch tried to nail the armor.  Other than that I thought it was great.  Really hope the relaunch doesn’t ruin this book.

  15. Other than the armor thing I loved it. It was nice to see such character progression in JJJ. I really felt for him the first time I saw that panel of him watching spidey save the drowning people.

  16. A great book that actually (in a few small ways) moves the book forward, while also reminding us of how cool the past has been.

  17. When they relaunch the new Spidey will probably be Obama!!

  18. @Parker  In the Spider-Man team up that featured iton man tony had a huge vault with several of the older armors in it that he uses whenever there’s an emergency


  19. This was good stuff. After the last few issues it was good to see a return to form.

  20. @winthewonderboy: That was due to the Ultimatum event though.

  21. I’m tired of seeing 616 versions of characters in the Ult. Universe for no reason.  I’m quite dissapointed.

  22. @Lantern4life  The regular Ult. armor has to be launched from a silo and assembled by a team, it can’t be just put on super fast.  In the spider-man teamup tony showed off a lot of his older armors that looked like the old and new stuff from 616

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