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  1. does anyone know if this is the final arc of the series?

  2. This is Kirkman’s last issue.  Then I think there’s a 4-issue arc involving Alpha Flight, leading into Ultimatum.  I don’t know if Marvel has announced the fate of the book after Ultimatum (which is gonna be a crisis-type thing, maybe?)

  3. Aron Coleite takes over after Kirkman next month.  I so want to drop this book but I am kinda curious to stay on until Ultimatum.

  4. The art on this one is actually Harvey Tolibao, Larroca is on the cover

  5. @conor – The next arc features Ultimate Alpha Flight.  I have friends who have permission to come to my house and hit me with things if I don’t drop this book after issue 93.

    I bet Ultimatum will make just as much sense if you don’t get the next handful of these issues. 

  6. @ohcaroline  Do you think you can send your friends this way as well?  After this issue….I need someone to beat some sense into me too.

  7. @jjv124 – I have bad karma with this book.  Apparently, if you start reading something because "Cable has claws and that looks cool!" you deserve whatever you get.

  8. all this smack talk, jeez. im sorry, but it is pretty cool (and the point of the ultimate books) that crazy crap happens like cable and xavier coming back in anti-apocalypse armor that looks like stryfe and onslaught. its still fun for me. so let the beatings commence i guess…

  9. @actual, you know I agreed with you that the Cable, and Xavier stuff was nice.  The problem was that neither one of them actually get to do anything to stop apocolypse and during this issue nothing is made of Cable, other than a brief mention in a conversation between Wolvie, and Pyro.  I don’t mind the ultimate universe and love the possibilities with it.  Just this issue wasn’t good for me and it felt like a big payoff to noting. 

  10. Believe me, actual.  I genuinely thought ‘Cable has claws’ was cool.   But as far as I could tell from last issue, Cable had arranged this ridiculously elaborate plot involving fake deaths and time travel in order to get the xmen into a fight, during which they STOOD THERE AND LISTENED TO HIM DELIVER EXPOSITION WHILE THE FANTASTIC FOUR DID THE ACTUAL FIGHTING.  For like, two pages.

  11. This was possibly the worst comic I’ve ever read. Everything was so ridiculous and ham-fisted. All of the characterizations were so stiff. I can’t even bear to write a review of it. I’d love to, but I can’t. I’d love to analyze how pointless everything was on every level of the plot from large to small scale. Yes, Cable’s whole "plan" made zero sense, especially because it didn’t account for Phoenix. But right down to things like, oh I dunno, Pyro saying something like "Hey Wolverine, Cable isn’t gone, is he?" That’s just such lazy writing. ("Hm, I’ll have Wolverine say something about Cable now, but what will his motivation be? I know I’ll have Pyro ask him about Cable. Because that makes sense, given how Pyro has zero personality anyway.")

    I love how Phoenix says that Professor X said mutantkind back 100 years. Really? 100 years, huh. So I guess everything about this title for 93 issues now, everything about the premise of a new school for mutants in a world that hates them, that was just worse than worthless, right? Wow, he set them back over a hundred years. Well, I guess Ultimate Xavier is a little too manipulative in his techniques, if that’s what Phoenix me. OH NO, her major complaint with Xavier is actually that he hasn’t done ENOUGH meddling in world affairs. Wow, that Phoenix certainly is a wise entity!

    Worst run of any writer on any title ever.

  12. * ‘…Phoenix says that Professor X SENT mutantking back 100 years.’

    ** ‘…Xavier is a little too manipulative in his techniques, if that’s what Phoenix MEANT.’ 

    (grumble grumble I wish there was an ‘edit’ function to edit spelling mistakes after posting)

  13. @flapjaxx — You’re dropping this, right?  Which doesn’t seem fair to the next writer, but hey, if it’s good, there’s always catching up in trade.

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