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  1. :Wow!  I don’t have any idea what to say to begin other than that.  Oh and I don’t mean that in a good way either:

    Hah, oh my.  Thanks for the warning.  I was determined for this to be the last issue i buy but i may not even get this one. 



  2. Well I would consider reading through it just to see what you think.  I mean I may be completely off base here.

  3. nah you hit it on the head buddy.

    what a waste of time this run was. 


  4. I did get it — the Phoenix thing could have been worse, but all things considered it seemed a waste of buildup.  I’ve been trying to follow the clues about the Phoenix force, and the Goblins, and see where this was going with Jean, and it feels like we just end up with warmed-over Morrison.

    I sort of have a hunch that Kirkman came in with one plan for this run, and at some point, Marvel decided that didn’t fit into Ultimatum, and decided to undo it.  Or else, possibly Kirkman was supposed to leave a while ago (I recall hearing at some point that Bryan Singer’s writing team was going to do an arc) and Marvel convinced him to stay on and he was out of ideas.  I feel like Kirkman’s a better writer than this turned out, or maybe I just want him to be.

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