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  1. IS that Stryfe and Onslaught?  I remember, the last issue — which seems like 2 months ago — I thought they were Magneto and Swordsman.  Which makes about as much sense as this does.  Wasn’t Stryfe just a crazy white-haired dude, last time we saw him?

    Yes, I’m still buying this book, and I’m still complaining about it.  Because maybe Phoenix will fight Apocalypse and it will be awesome and it will redeem the last fifteen totally pointless issues that I’ve bought.  

  2. I picked this arc up on a whim and have enjoyed it so far.  I saw the first few pages, Stryfe and Onslaught are both appropriate for their Ultimate versions.

    Is this the last in the arc?  This series is ending after this correct? 

  3. I have no answer on the series ending, but at this point, I hope so.  I’m thoroughly done with the Ultimate universe. 

  4. I figured it was just Magneto and Professor X back from the future.

  5. Stryfe is Cable and Onslaught is Professor X, it’s not that hard to figure out.

    And no UXM isn’t ending after this arc, although it is the end of Kirkman’s run.

     I do agree the title needs some kind of reboot, but we’ll have to wait for Ultimatum to get here.


    and ohcarolone, completley done with the Ultimate U? You don’t read Ultimate Spider-Man? 

  6.  I don’t have anything against Ultimate Spiderman, I just have only read a few trades of it.  I had the impression it wasn’t that tied in to what’s going on in the other books (or has the good sense to stay away from all that).

    And wait, what?  Cable is Wolverine AND he’s Stryfe?  My head hurts.

  7. @ohcaroline – agreed.  Wolverine in mainstream Marvel is everywhere.  In the ultimate universe he is everyone?

  8. Is it really that hard to put together?

    Cable kidnaps Xavier and takes him to the future, tells him that he has to train him to save mutantkind from Apocolypse.

    Then Apocolypse shows up and starts wrecking everyone’s shit, Stryfe and Onslaught show up to stop him.

     Kirkman couldn’t telegraph this stuff anymore blatantly. 

  9. @balefuego — I think you’re overestimating the telegraphing aspect.  I mean, that’s a great theory and I’ll be impressed if you’re right, but I think the Kirk has saved the story from being telegraphed by making it so disjointed.

  10. Balefuego was right. Is this series ending? This issue was decent and I understood what was going on for once, but I have been thinking of dropping this for awhile. I had heard it was ending soon so if that is true, I figure I might as well hang on until the end. Maybe all the Ultimate characters are really skrulls training to fight in the 616 (for Josh) universe and secret invasion will end the line.

  11. The next issue is the last Kirkman one I believe, but there is another writer coming on after him. The rumours about the title ending are linked with the big Ultimatum event, which dosen’t launch until later this year.

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