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  1. The best part about the ultimate universe was that they didn’t do crossovers and instead ran mini-series events that were in continuity. Like Ultimate Nightmare, Ultimate Power, Ultimate War etc……. Why did they insist on doing this. The event already feels like it is dragging, because the main book Ultimatum is slow to come out.

    Hopefully the event wraps up and makes the journey worth while. And more importantly, I hope that the post Ultimatum, Universe is likeable.


  2. @wildkid: They did it because after ULTIMATUM everything changes, so of course it is effecting every book.  It’s very similar to how CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS seeped into every DC book at the time.

  3. I wasn’t crazy about the last issue. That said, any issue of Spidey with Hulk, Spider-Woman, Daredevil AND Dr Strange just forces me to buy it. I can’t help it, I’m a floozy.

  4. Bloody Loeb! Fuckin’ with the most consistantly good book (and the only true Spider-Man)!!!

  5. I just find it wierd that we get two issues of USM for each issue of Ultimatium.  Does Loeb have a book that comes out anywhere close to on time?

  6. I think I’m just going to switch to trades soon.  I missed Ultimatum, should I grab the trade?

  7. I’ve kinda been confused reading this. but i trust Bendis will make sense out of it, hopefully.

  8. @SamMorgan: Again, it’s not Loeb.  ULTIMATIUM is a group effort between Loeb and Bendis.  You can’t blame everyting on Loeb.

  9. @Conor – I’m new to comics and from message boards and what-not, i’ve noticed you actually CAN blam everything on Loeb. I heard he invented cancer.

  10. So now Loeb is the anti-Chuck Norris? 

    Jeph Loeb invented cancer so he can kill everything.

    I can see the website now. 

  11. I’m just angry at Loeb cause he is killing USM, or at least Ultimate Peter Parker. (Go check Marvels website for May, USM stops and USM Requiem #1 begins.)

  12. @supertrack: … *again*, it’s not just Loeb at the helm here.  He might be the one actually writing ULTIMATIUM but there are a lot of hands on the wheel…

  13. Ultimatum is freaking terrible though, as was Ultimates 3.  Loeb is the worst writer in comics now.  Compared to all the great writers, his writing is awful.

  14. i would just like to say i really dont like what Loeb is doing on hulk and i really didnt like Ultimates 3 but Ultimatum isnt that bad and you cant really blme everything on him. Also its Bendis…he will keep ultimate spiderman good.

  15. If Ultimate Peter Parker is going to die, I would blame Tobey Maguire before i would blame Jeph Loeb.  If you don’t care for the dialogue in a Loeb scribed comic, then you can blame him for that.

  16. Just to echo Connor’s comments, Ultimatum was plotted and planned by Loeb, Bendis and Millar at a retreat a little while back so all the blame for lame dialogue can be placed on him but actual story elements were planned by all

  17. Solid issue. I wasnt a fan of the whole – lets talk retarded to hulk and span it over 5 panels. Seemed a bit too corny for my taste. The end was awesome though.

  18. I’m having a pretty hard time with this one. I’m not going to lie.

  19. @ Conor: I understand that Loeb isn’t the only one involved. But since Loeb joined in, the Ultimate U has declined in quality (although the plots are good, just not so good dialogue, and everything seems to be a little rushed.)

     The big continuity issue I had here is that when Spider-Man and the Hulk discovered DareDevils body, Sider-Man has a blue thought bubble that said, "Don’t even know his real name. He’s just a guy in a costume." When back in issue 106 Matt Murdock surprises Peter Parker and Mary Jane at Peters high school to talk to him and then introduces himself as "Matthew Murdock, attorney-at-law." Then in issue 109 the identity of Daredevil is discussed in full with all the members of the Ultimate Knights.

    Just seems a little weird that Bendis would forget that piece of recent continuity but yet remember that Matt Murdock was Bruce Banners lawyer from the Ultimates book. 

  20. Maybe this Spider-man isn’t the original Peter Parker? It could be a clone. 


  22. Damn, well I didn’t see that death coming.

  23. Loved the issue though. Ultimate Hulk as Spidey’s "sidekick" was pretty awesome, even though it was only for a couple pages. I would have loved to see that dynamic carry through Ultimatum. Imagine Spidey showing up at Magneto’s door with the Hulk in tow.

    "Hey big guy, that’s the dude that got you all wet"


  24. The stuff with Jonah realizing he was wrong made it for me. That two page spread (of which I usually detest) with spidey saving the people and Jonah in his office was just awesome.

  25. @Connor – I’ll tell you why I blame Loeb I like the concept of the whole ULTIMATUM story (the idea of the Ultimate Universies is having it’s own 9/11)- it the fact that the ULTIMATUM book is just unreadable and thus dragging down my favourite book.

    That said this issue was brilliant – JJJ finally realising Spidey is a hero seemed like real story progression. He can now move on from the one-dimensional (if amusing) character of cigar-chomping ranting Spider-man hater. Also "Wet" Hulk was brilliant.

    One final thing. I notice that on the cover of Ultimatum #4 there appears a very-not-dead Daredevil. Possible spoiler or just bad planning?

  26. @Fvckstick: you do realise Loeb’s son died of cancer?…

  27. Hulk…. wet

  28. i want that double page spread as a poster.  Immonen drew one the most powerful scene ive seen in comics lately (next to the last issue of Fables).  I thought the death of Ultimate DD felt a little forced but then i sat back and went "holy shit, Bendis has just killed Daredevil, JJJ finally admits he’s been a dick…this has real repercussions, this is shit they cant do in the Proper"  also, Hulk sidekick?  classic.  I just want to know what happened to kitty, mj, and kong.

  29. @mikeandzod21 – agreed. that double page spread had so much emotion. love this book.

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