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  1. Last issue was great with Johny maybe hitting it off with Spider-Girl (the clone).  Hopefully Bendis can keep up the good work.  129 issues and loving every minute.

  2. yeah i’m real interested in the johnny/clone angle

  3. How tied into Ultimatum is this this month?  Anybody know?

  4. Really tied in… Usually USM doesn’t have much to do with the big events, but Bendis and Loeb got together to get the stories on track… 

    USM #129 took place right before Ultimatum #1, this issue looks to take place right after the wave hit. 

  5. Ultimate Sigmund Freud(he has a soul patch, thats how you tell its Ult.Freud) would have a field day with the whole Torch/Spidy/Spiderwoman thing.

  6. i smell cheese…….

  7. Do we know yet if the solicitation saying the April issue is the last one is true?

    I’m hoping either it’s an April Fools joke or they’re just going to relaunch with a new number one. The only good reason for that though would be if Bendis left. Although I guess they could just relaunch all the Ultimate titles they want to keep and start the new ones with Ultimatum as the excuse.

  8. Not as good as Amazing, but still good.

  9. Wait, what solicitation says April is the last issue? I was under the impression that Ultimate Spider-Man was the only for sure safe Ultimate title after Ultimatum.

  10. The title is safe….but from what I heard it’s going to be renumbered at the end of this arc and Ultimatium is over…..

    People said I was crazy when I dropped this 😉

  11. @TheNextChampion  I’m not even sure what that last part is insinuating

  12. Just that I’ve been following this series for god knows how long and then suddenly it’s going to change dramatically and get renumbered to #1 again?

    Gald I dropped it, along with anything else Bendis has written lately.

  13. @thenextchampion  So, explain to me how numbering matters in the overall context of the story. This book continues to be a favorite and if they switched to numbering it with roman numerals it wouldn’t change a thing.

  14. @Roi: It’s just because they are going to revamp the title and probably change the status quo after Ultimatium.

    There’s no need for renumbering and no need to change anything with the Ultimate Spidey status quo.

  15. @TNC but if the writing and characters stay good what does the status quo matter? To each his own i guess, but as long as the book is still an awesome super-hero/high school drama book i’m gonna love it

  16. I missed something. I only read Ultimate Spiderman, none of the other Ultimate titles, and I only started reading comics about 4 months ago…

    What the heck just happened? Great issue, very exciting, but now I’m totally lost. How far back and how many issues do I have to read to understand this whole tidal wave thing?

  17. You have to either read Ultimatum to understand the tidal wave stuff or just read spoilers like me, that series is of no interest to me.  

  18. @mountainwindcat: Magneto caused a huge tidal wve to wipe out Manhattan, presumably in retribution for his kids – Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch – being murdered in the pages of ULTIMATES 3.  There is a mini-series called ULTIMATUM that is telling this main story that ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is tying into.  Only two issues are out, you should be able to pick them up without a problem.

  19. My God, Jeph Loeb is so insidious he has now discovered a way to ruin good books remotely.

  20. I don’t know this issue made me want to go pick up the two issues of Ultimatum. But i don’t think im going to.

  21. To me, the best part of this issue was the start – before all the "tidal wave ultimatium" stuff kicked in. The Aunt May plotline was really interesting and looked like it could develop into classic Bendis-y. I hope they return to that.

  22. <:( I hate having to go to Wikipedia to understand a story.

  23. i loved the aunt may b-plot as well

  24. I agree the beginning was just great.  I am liking Ultimatium and I’m either in minority or people are just not liking it because it’s Loeb, not sure which.  The comic nerd in me hates that they may renumber this book though and sad thing is I really don’t know why, guess I’m just OCD like that.

  25. I’m done. I’ll rejoin the ultimate U when ultimatum shakes out. 

  26. Loved this issue, loving "Ultimatum".  Seriously. Read my review.

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