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  1. Ooh, Ultimate Spider-Woman! I was thinking about dropping this in issue and switching to trade, but the lure of Spider-Woman is simply too much… gah!

  2. Ugh! Why is all this Loeb rubbish infecting the brilliance of the Ult. Spider-man!

  3. Oh crap, I didn’t realise this was one of those damn Ultimatum things. Dropped! Why does some sucky Big Event have to contaminate my Spidey book?

  4. wow, there is a tremendous lack of faith for BMB’s best book.  shame on all of you.  and only one issue of Ultimatum has come out, way to early to nay say.

  5. So I really hope Peter Parker survives Ultimatum, and Kitty Pryde too. I like the two of them together. I might get bashed for this, but I would really like to see MJ either die or have to move away with her mom cause it’s to dangerous in NY. I love this book.

  6. if you want to read that spider-man story, go read Amazing, where deals with the devil have no ramifications and your best friends back from the dead and everything is just hunky dory.  i will be super pissed if they kill MJ! they BELONG TOGETHER!!! and i crush on her hard, so curse you!

  7. @mikeandzod – Agreed. Ult. Spider-man is the REAL spider-man

  8. effin a right!  a book where actions have consequences

  9. I’m not reading Ultimatum. i should be able to understand this story, right?

  10. @WinTheWonderboy- I hope so!

  11. i doubt a perfect book like USM will be as effected by Ultimatum as much as the other floundering Ultimate books.  bet you any money he’s the lest effected (though i dont really wan to eat those words)

  12. amazing comic book that constantly delivers. 

  13. Poor poor Aunt May, how her like must stink. Also very good issue.

  14. life* I ment life.

  15. So I wonder who is going to die in Ultimatum from the Spidey book. I doubt they kill Gwen seeing as how they just brought her back from the dead. I have a feeling either Kitty or MJ will die. I think Kong will die too. And what ever happened to Flash Thompson?

  16. @supertrackmonkey don’t rule out parental figures of all involved either. I think Bendis has spent too much time building up this cast to let an event break up this dynamic. But if someones father or mother died

  17. So is it just me, or does all of Immonen’s characters look the same!?! Just check out the model/actress Johnny Storm is with, then go to the next page and look at MJ. Every character (male and female) have the same face with different hair styles/colors…

  18. Aunt May is probably my favorite character in this book. Bendis is just cranking out good stuff this week!!!

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