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  1. It’s almost amazing that I’ve been able to stick with this book for so long.  The last issue actaully got me excited for this one.

  2. i think this is the longest i’ve ever stayed on a title. even i missed a few issues of ASM here and there

  3. I’m really thinking of not picking this up. This arc has been so underwhelming I just dont have the heart of ending this arc. I’m not dropping this series by any means (it still is the best Spider-Man title period). But maybe taking a sabbitical from this issue would do me some good.

    Seriously, Loeb spoiled a major plot point in Ultimatium with this….Why should I care what happens in this issue then?

  4. @thenextchampion its not the destination, its the journey that matters

  5. – Zen and the Art of Comics Reading

  6. @Roi: Well that’s true, the story itself should be worth reading….rather then the huge payoff.

    But again, overall this arc for me has been very medicore and I just dont feel like finishing it. Maybe I’ll change my mind and get it, who knows at this point?

    If I can add though, why is this arc released after ‘Death of a Goblin’ and ‘Amazing Friends’? This is clearly before the two and it makes no sense why the last 3 arcs have been jumbled like this.

  7. @thenextchampion  well only the first few issues were the flashback to catch you up on eddie, right now we’re dealing with the present day stuff

  8. Yes they’ve been flashbacks of the Ultimate Spiderman Videogame.  Which came out well before these issues and was considered to be in continuity.

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