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  1. This has been a pretty decent arc. Not the best, but still enjoyable to anything BND has offered us in 616 continuity.

    The last issue was really good, with a great Ultimates fight. Hope this issue delivers with the return of ‘Gwen Stacy’.

  2. BND has been awesome, and honestly, I think Ult. Spidey has recently been missing some of the charm that made it great in the past. Except for when Kong interacts with Kitty (hell, with anyone really). That stuff is gold. I miss issues like #13 where the entire issue is a conversation between Peter and MJ in his bedroom, and he tells her he’s Spidey. Just awesome character stuff that Bendis really shines on. Don’t get me wrong I love this book and look forward to it every month, but recently it has been a little "eh".

  3. Very Very Very medicore issue.

    I mean Gwen Stacy returning should’ve been something huge! Instead it was just very poorly handled. Very upset with this issue.

  4. @TheNextChampion What?!?! This was brilliant! It felt like an issue of Powers! A bit wordy and a bit action-y with real plot movement. I really never got Carnage before but the Gwen/Carnage thing was great. Plus the final reveal of Gwen with the face was creepy as hell!

    This just goes to show that the REAL spider-man lives in the Ultimate Universe and not that continuity nightmare over in the 616. I am dreading how Loeb is going to fuck it all up though…

  5. @Sam: I agree that this Spider-Man is still 100x better then what ASM gives us every week. But i just found this to be too wordy.

    It’s more of the panel layouts that really bothered me. I mean why did we have so many two page spreads or long, narrow panels that cover the whole page? That one section with the Daily Bugle was so pointless and it didnt need to be that long of a scene. It’s like Bendis is lazily making this arc longer then it should be. That’s my general problems with this issue.

  6. I love wordy Bendis.

  7. I love Bendy Wordis.

  8. Only Gwen Stacy could make that last page cute instead of creepy. Excited to see her back in the book.

  9. the ultimate lines are the best hero things out there from marvel at the moment

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