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  1. This series has been insanely good from issue one and only gets better.  118 was great, and I can’t wait for some Bendis (non-Xorn) Magneto.  

  2. This book has had its downs but overall has been pretty solid.  Each time I think it starts to get lower on my list it comes back.  I want to see how Liz reacts to having powers since she has always been freaked out by them.

  3. Only the 7th most pulled book? That seems low.

     I am so excited for this arc, more Kong is always good.

  4. I love how much Kong has grown as a character.

  5. At this rate this could end up being one of the best story arcs of the entire series.

  6. while i loved this issue, i had the feeling of "is this all there is?"  bendis is a master at decompression, and while i love it usually, hes really writing for the trade on this one. a lot of talk, a lot of set up, not so much on the pay off. worth the money, but don’t expect a lot from it.

  7. Another great issue. Not much else to say really; Ultimate Spidey has been consistently excellent for a good long time now.

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