• Welcome To Camp Angel, The Government’s Mutant Solution.

• What Secrets About The Future Of The Ultimate Universe Does Colossus Hold?

• Storm And The Other Inmates Must Decide What Action To Take When The Truth About The Government’s Involvement In The Creation Of Mutants Goes Public – And Their Choice Could Lead To Deadly Repercussions.

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Paco Medina & Juan Vlasco
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m really loving this series but may have to switch to Trade wait/Digital sales because I need to start buying SAGA. I have a really great pull list right now but this and aquaman are the only ones I feel comfortable switching to trades on. I’ll give this issue a go and make my decision after that.

  2. I was going to pick this up but in the end it didn’t make the cut. Now that I see the rating I am thinking I made a good call. Yeesh.

  3. Really slow start to this issue but the double page spread with Storm was pretty awesome. Solid issue but going to have to switch to trades for this one for budget reasons. 4/5

  4. Just a couple issues ago I was praising this book.

    The last few issues have moved us away from Pete’s old friends to new areas that I haven’t been quite as excited about. And bringing in all this stuff from past Ultimate books (not mentioning which ones) isn’t really working for me.

    I know the story is growing in scope now, but I preferred it being a bit more insular with a focus on Ultimate Spidey’s Amazing Friends.

  5. They finally get back to the plot line started in issue one and this was easily the best issue of the series since then. I didn’t care too much for the religious stuff (they just did that a few years ago in New X-Men) but the political ramifications of Mutants being a US made things are so ripe with potential.

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