• Pietro struggles with the aftermath of Stryker’s attack on New York.

• The Scarlet Witch returns — with a warning.

• Who is really hiding in Egypt?

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Carlo Barberi & Walden Wong
Colors by Marte Gracia
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’ve been enjoying this book a lot, all the ultimate books have been killing it so far.

    • Yeah its all been a breath of fresh air after all the post ultimatum weirdness.

    • That’s good to hear! I haven’t been pulling this (I try to “Just Say No” to twenty-page books that cost $4 whenever I can) but I look forward to buying the trade.

    • I hear ya on the Price KenBo. I’ma reiterate what everyone has been saying: The Ultimate Relaunch has been very good. It’s concentrated, tight, only a few books, and they’re all good so far. We’re really in the “firing on all cylinders” zone.

    • I was underwhelmed at first, but I’ve really come around on this book. I definitely look forward to it every month now.

  2. My physical copy’s digital code will not work for me, dammit! Marvel, why must you taunt me?!

    Ok so last issue the professor comes back and this issue magneto comes back?!?!?! I’ve been loving this and as glad as I am to have those two back, especially since Loeb pointlessly killed both of them in that Ultimatium abomination, I still really hope there is a good explanation. I understand the need for bringing characters back but they are making a big deal with the “reveal” for both of them so it better be a significant reason why they are back and not just some alternate dimension or LMD easy out. Any guesses to why they are back? Scarlet Witch wished them back into existence or conspiracy?

    • I said last issue how I’m not happy with Prof X and Scarlet Witch just magically reappearing after they were clearly killed off. Ultimate was supposed to be synonymous with dead means dead. X-Men just can’t seem to follow that rule. Technically neither can Spider-Man though since they brought Norman back from the dead just to kill Pete. This is frustrating.

    • @jonny I have just about given up on either of the big 2 keeping the “dead means dead” thing in any of their universes. It’s soooo annoying but whatever it’s just the way it’s going to be I guess.

    • Hey, I can live with in the 616 because that’s just how things are. I can deal with it in DC because again, that’s just how things are. However that is not how the Ultimate Universe was advertised.

      Other than Norman Osborn in volume 2 of USM, there has not been a resurrection in any Ultimate storyline save for the ones in UXM. For whatever reason, it is the one series in the Ultimate U that can’t follow that rule and it’s pissing me off. You don’t see resurrections in The Ultimates. Fantastic Four, rather than bringing back Victor they turned Reed Richards into the new Dr. Doom. Like I said above, USM has only brought back Goblin in all the years of its publication, but even then you technically never see Norman die. Say what you will about Loeb and Ultimatum, it seriously changed things and allowed for new and unique stories.

      We clearly saw Wanda die. We clearly saw Charles die. We clearly saw Magneto die. They should be dead in this universe. And this is just the Vol. 2 rebirths thus far… doesn’t even count the ones from Vol. 1. So I’m not so willing to get used to it. Personally, I think UXM needs to get used to playing by the phyics and rules of that universe as set by Bendis and Millar.

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