Who – or what – is Ultimate X? As the world comes back from the brink of destruction, those left behind struggle to find some semblance of hope. One young woman in particular–the alluring and mysterious Karen–tries to build her life back together, but seems to be hiding something…or rather running away from it. Why so serious, Karen? Maybe her dirty little secret isn’t so little, and might be the key to the mystery of the ULTIMATE X! Brought to you by Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and legendary illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS!

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: Arthur Adams
COLORED BY: Christian Lichtner
COVER BY: Arthur Adams

Price: $3.99
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  1. I didn’t hate issue one.

    I’ll try issue two. Great art!

  2. I don’t know if I care about the story, but I rally dug the Art Adams work in the first one.

  3. This was so pretty.  I’m picking it up for that.  The story being good is bonus.

  4. Spoiler:

    It’s Ultimate Jean Grey

  5. Jesus h Chips! Art Adams is good, huh?

  6. @mikeandzod21

    Little bit more of a warning would have been nice. Is that your spec, or do you have insider knowledge. I remember when the preview came out there was some debate over the ID.

  7. @zeppo sorry, tried to put some negative space there. I’m going totally based off of the preview I saw at CBR, and what I know of Loeb’s style of writing, I.e. Go with the obviouse answer.

  8. @Mikeandzod21

    LOL – Fair point. Hush was the "old friend" we’d never heard of.

  9. @zeppo exaclty. Plus the preview is a girl dying her hair black, making things float, looking at a Newsweek with the X-Men on it, and shedding a tear over Cyclops visor. All signs point to Jean. The first issue actually reminded me alot of the original Mark Millar Ult. X-Men which I hold extremely fond (those being my first comics). I’m hoping Loeb isn’t going to
    screw this book up, because so far, based just off of the first issue, this has alot of potential.

  10. @mikezod21

    I hope this series can be good. It’s a great chance to see what happens after the X-men, something I doubt well ever really see in Marvel-proper.

    What will the mutants do now they are all illegal, and the only people protecting them are gone. It’s an interesing concept.

  11. @zeppo I agree, it’s such a great concept and has so much potential.

  12. I am loving this book.  I wasn’t too happy about the spoiler @mikeandzod21 but it was still really good.

  13. @zattaric I’m sorry! I tried!

  14. In the future, no spoilers before Wednesday, even from previews. They’ll get deleted if we see them.

  15. Loeb is officially back on my good side!

  16. @mikeandzod21 

    No worries

  17. Are we sure Jeph Loeb is writing this? It’s way too good. @zattaric I feel really bad now, I even got yelled at by @Conor.

  18. I can’t believe it but this was my POTW…I’m excited for this book.

  19. >_>
    There were previews? Oo… You know… since I kind of still value the ultimate universe a little more than the original I’ve been keeping myself on media black out for anything Ultimate. And now I am SO GLAD I did! This was actually a solid issue. I REALLY REEEEEEEEEEEALLY hate to say it but Loeb actually did g-g–g—(the thing that’s opposite of bad ok?) I admit it. It was pretty solid. Got me by surprise and I guess I’ll actually stick around.

    The ending did suck tho but I’m not going to nitpick Loeb, it’s Loeb after all. If he does better than this issue, that’ll blow all my expectations of him.

  20. I don’t think Facebook works like Loeb thinks it works.

  21. @hellhound: LOL!

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