• Miles must learn how to be a hero from Peter Parker!

• The new Ultimate Scorpion is introduced!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Kaare Andrews & Mark Bagley

Price: $3.99
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  1. I never thought I’d be disappointed to see Chris Samnee on a book, but I am gonna miss Sara Pichilli.

    Though if Miles is gonna survive other artists adding to the mix can only help…and Chris Samnee can help in spades.

    • Bringing in a different artist this early is healthy for the series. The reason that I say this is that when I started reading comics seriously, the series I started with was Ultimate Spider-Man (I started at issue 43). It was the only series I read for years (with the exception of Civil War and tie-ins) and it was the same artist/writer and even inker for most of the run. So I assumed all comics were done that way, same creative team for issues and issues. That fact really deterred me from reading other books whose creative teams shuffled frequently (and I dropped USM when David LaFuente took over). They’re also doing this with Justice League and I think it’s a good idea to expose new readers to how the comic industry works so they’re not taking by shock when there’s a new regular artist.

  2. I’m not sure how to take the above comments… Is Sara Pichelli off the book, or is Samnee just a fill-in? Couldn’t find an answer through Google. Anyone know?

  3. I saw the Samnee preview for this. Looks fantastic

  4. I wish Kaare, well Marvel, would do these covers something akin to X-Men Xenogenesis. It’d look great.

  5. And so it was that the Samnee run came to pass…

    This is going to exponentially amplify my enjoyment of this title!

  6. I’ve never been big on the Samnee wagon. I hope he can capture Miles’ facial expressions the way it was in the first arc.

  7. I loves me some Samnee art but I wonder if the transition from Pichelli’s style to Samnee won’t be a little jarring?

  8. K don’t get me wrong I love me some Samnee art as much as the next guy but honestly this was rough for me after Pichelli put the bar SOOO high for the last 5 issues. It was good and all but I don’t think samnee was a good substitute choice for what pichelli was doing here. 4/5 really hope pichelli comes back soon.

    • I haven’t read this yet (one more hour of work to go!), but beyond comparing the artists, I think the better question is: does Samnee’s art diminish Miles’ story so far? Up to this point, Pichelli’s been the only one to draw the character (besides the fill-in finisher from last issue), so it’ll be nice to see how the character holds up under someone else’s pencil/brush/Wacom stylus.

    • @KenOchalek I don’t think it diminishes his story because I still felt interested in what was going on and honestly outside of the suit Samnee did a good job capturing his facial expressions. However I think my biggest problem was how jarring it was coming from pichelle’s style. It took me half the issue just to snap out of it. This might sound mean but coming from that ultra clean beautiful Pichelli art, this Samnee art almost looked ugly. I know you’re not supposed to compare artist of such vastly different styles like that but it’s hard not to when it’s the same damn book. Hopefully after another read of this it will grow on me more but dang it’s a rough transition at first.

    • Yeah, I’m not saying don’t compare artists. I’m just looking at it like Zeppo (the first comment in this thread) is — for Miles to have some longevity as a character, it’s a good thing to have him interpreted by different artists.

    • You’re probably right, I just miss Pichelle already.

    • I agree with you thompsonlive. It took me a while to warm to the art and even then I don’t feel Samnee’s art complimented the art up to this issue.

      “The fear” that the character Miles needs to be filtered through other artists’ visions for the character to last seems a bit silly to me unless someone can cite an example of when this fear actually manifested itself in a comic.

    • i agree with thompsonlive

  9. That was some of the worst artwork I’ve seen. Total crap. Throwing his in the trash

  10. Samnee did a really good job. I loved the action sequences especially. Very close to my pick of the week, but i had to jump on the batman hype train.

  11. Miles’ mother looks about 4 years older than him. she’s pretty attractive actually

  12. art=amazing, story=meh. First and last issue I’ll be getting.

  13. Didn’t care for the art at all. It’s really going to be a chore, having to stomach it for the length of this arc… And the uncle character bores me to tears when he’s not directly dealing with Miles. But otherwise? I enjoyed this issue, and still look forward to the further adventures of our new Spider-Kid.

  14. I think Miles might me growing on me finally. And thank you Bendis for making a new Scorp. I loved the Ultimate Clone Saga but I was let down that the first Ultimate Scorpion was introduced and removed in the same arc. This should be fun to watch play out.

  15. nice issue. i didnt mind the art at all. in fact, i really liked it. i think pichilli should be the go-to artist on this title, but this was a nice fill-in. i wanted to drop this because of the price point. i just cant stop buying it cuz it’s so fuckn’ good. com’on marvel! quit being a pimp and treating my wallet like one of your whores. bitch better have my money is what i here when looking at this title on the rack each month. great book.

  16. For everyone who was turned off by the Chris Samnee art, the letter page at the end of this issue announced he would be doing only issue 7 before Sara Pichilli returns with issue 8.

    Personally, I enjoyed this issue. The art was definitely a different style (and it may have been my personal first experience with Samnee), but there was still a lot of heart to it. Did it momentarily take me out of the story due to its unique take on Miles & Co.? Sure, but I didn’t let it overwhelm my appreciation of this continually-impressive title.

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