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  1. Ultimate Spider-Man indeed. This book earns the literal definition of its name.

  2. One of Marvel’s best books currently.  Bendis has been knocking it out of the park!  LaFuente isn’t too bad either!

  3. One of the few Marvel books that i think is worth the 3.99 price tag.

  4. Initially, I was ready to step away from this title at the reboot.. artwise I really enjoyed Immonen on USM, price certainly came into play and it was just the right time to jump off.. BUT, I’m glad I’ve stuck around.  LaFuente’s growing on me (actually I prefer him to Bagley) and this has been really good.

  5. this characterization of Mysterio is just awesome. Can’t wait to see him cut loose

  6. Liking this.

  7. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Re: The Solicit… I believe it’s probably the iconic Johnny Storm that’s moving into Aunt May’s house.

    I like how the new artist makes Spidey’s face expressive even beneath the mask. 

  8. Just cannot stand the art.

  9. yeah, the moon heads are a bit much.  But I still like the stories.

  10. I dig the idea, and love ultimate mysterio…yet have been nothing but disappointed so far.

  11. The art isn’t doing it for me either. I love the story, I have every issue of USM (and of every other Ultimate comic.) I’m hoping they get a new artist soon, real soon.

  12. It’s weird… I like a lot of elements of the art– the layouts, the backgrounds, the kinetic energy– I just hate the character design for Spider-Man: an impossibly large, alien head on top of the body of a 12-year-old girl.

  13. I’m on issue 102 of the original series…..trying to get caught up so I can finally read the new series.

  14. @roadcrew1  Welcome aboard sir!

  15. I don’t see whats wrong with the art. I enjoy it.

  16. I have trouble getting past the artwork here- seems childish almost to me.   The story is not compelling to me either, I think I’m dropping this title.    I much prefer the Marvel 616 universe ASM, which kicks butt IMHO.

  17. The art in this book is gorgeous.

  18. there are some storytelling problems with the art in this issue.

  19. I thought this issue was one of the best of the series thus far. Loved the stuff between Peter and MJ, and Ultimate Johnny Storm is great. 5/5.

  20. I opened the book, saw all the word balloons on the first 2 pages and decided to wait a few days to read it.  Bendis might have outdone himself with that in this issue, for a second it felt like a Kevin Smith book.

  21. My gods I am loving Lafuente… but seriously, how does Aunt May let Peter leave the house with that haircut? I can understand Gwen being okay w/ it though, she seems like she’d be into emo-style haircuts based on her depiction since the reboot. Maybe that’s why he and MJ broke up?

    Bendis has done faaaaar more word balloons on a page and in every instance, I breeze right through them all; no one writes snappier dialogue than BMB. Just push through and look at the Peter/MJ argument; it was so natural to me that I’m almost sure Bendis wrote a transcript of my own past arguments (except for the part with the whole "She’s like your sister!"… cree-py! Then again, Ultimate Gwen is cute… so’s Ultimate MJ… damn you for making me attracted to drawings of underaged girls, Lafuente!!). So good. 

    Anyone else notice that, according to Aunt May, it’s only been a year since Ultimate Spider-Man started? One fucked up year, huh?

  22. @me
    Damnit! I fumbled the joke! I meant to say, "Maybe that’s why MJ dumped him?"

  23. Peter’s hair looks like Storm’s in the mid-nineties when Joe Madureira was drawing Uncanny X-Men.

  24. I like that the reboot is actually going in a new direction with good character development.

  25. the peter/ mj scene was like a gut punch.  i just finished rereading the entire first series and i remembered why i loved those two characters together and to see them not…its killing me…but in a good way. i love bendis, i love this book. miss imomnen in this though. his stuff was so great

  26. mmm if you look at some of the moppy hairdos highschool boys have these days, Peter’s hair isn’t all that bad here!

     I didn’t even notice the roundy head my first read until I remembered it and looked at the spidey’s pages again.

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