The Death of Spider-Man prologue!! THE most talked about story of the year begins!! Peter Parker has gathered his most eclectic group of friends and family in the world. In this very special issue we will discover some shocking secrets that will either pull them closer together or push them apart forever. Welcome to Spider-Man stories you have never read before. Welcome to the beginning of the end of what you know to be Ultimate Spider-Man. And welcome fan-favorite Chris Samnee as he makes his Ultimate Universe debut!

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Chris Samnee
COVER BY Sarah Pichelli

Price: $3.99
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  1. Chris motherfuckin Samnee

  2. @mikeandzod21  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dammit! I was gonna take a break from this book due to poverty, but Chris “Pimp Supreme” Samnee is on this issue? Fuck me.

  4. Is it just me or is this book coming out every other week?

  5. already loved this book. Samnee just made it the best book I buy. Probably.

  6. SAMNEE!

  7. Dammit. Samnee just kept this book from being dropped.

  8. Man, I love that they’ve been churning this out every 2 weeks for, like, the last 8 weeks. If they can keep this pace up, I won’t mind a little rotation on the art, especially since there artist selection has been fan-fucking-tastic!

  9. Samnee!!! Ult Spidey’s art has been amazing and this is another great addition to the creative team. 

  10. is it just me or is Chris Samnee totally wrong for this title?

    don’t get me wrong. he’s awesome. but doesn’t fit.


  11. kinda weird

  12. i’ve never read ultimate spiderman before…i’m tempted to jump in with this…tempted….

  13. normally i’d say go for it, but this book is so good i’d rather you read the whole series… fuck it, jump in, this book kicks the shit out of every book on a monthly basis. do it

  14. @RoiVampire –yeah i’ve looked into it..its like 100000 volumes in trade. ha. 

    I’m expecting the pages to glow with revelation. 

  15. I hate phrases like “the most talked about book of the year” — it makes me ill.  I love this book, it’s consistently awesome, and if this really IS the end of USM, it’s a total freaking travesty.

  16. @edward – I can see that. He’s got a couple of different styles, so it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to this book. That said, as much as I love Samnee, I could see it being a mis-match.

    If he brings his Thor: MA game, I think it’ll be killer.

  17. If this really si the end of Ult. Spidey I think I’ll be more upset than I ever have been for the end of a series. This 150 plus issues amounts to my favorite run on a superhero book of all time. However, if it ends strong I’ll always be happy to own and revisit this masterful run.
    In fact, Bendis has been building toward Spidey having to eventually “move on” to something new (perhaps Ultimates or SHIELD related) for years. I really can’t wait to see what happens
    (and yes, Samnee on this book is just icing on the cake)

  18. This was a great great issue. my only complaint is the cover. i would have much prefered a cover by Samnee of peter swinging in front of the daily bugle or something versus the cover we got which features tons of villains that aren’t even in the issue

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Samnee knocked it out of the park. 

  20. @PaulMontgomery  that he did. loved the scene in jonahs office

  21. This is why I like USM! Great character work and dialogue by bends and awesome character acting by Samnee! This was a home run. My POW. Was not surprised to see that other ifanboy readers made it the POW

  22. Major props to Samnee.  This was a absolutely great issue on all fronts.

  23. Does anybody know who the blonde who was with Johnny Storm at Pete’s party was? Also the tall dude in the background next to Aunt May. It’s bugging me that I can’t figure it out.

  24. the blond was Sue Storm, the tall guy might be ben grimm. don’t have the issue in front of me

  25. Don’t have previous issues in front of me – have Samnee, Pichelli, and La Fuente all used the same color/ink teams? ‘Cos while they’re all very distinct, there’s been a real visual continuity to the series despite having three pencillers (or more?) over the last few months.

    Fave think about this issue: Kitty’s Lockheed tee.

  26. @edward  actually agree with you now, except he does a good JJJ.

  27. @Franktiger I agree accept for the hat. What’s with the hat?

  28. @PaulSharkey  i thought it was pretty clear he was wearing the hat to hide his scars from the bullet he took a few issues ago. JJJ has worn the hat throughout the series but always outdoors with a trenchcoat, never in the office until now

  29. This issue was amazing. I’m really hoping Peter doesn’t die anytime soon.

  30. The one panel of MJ at the party is perfect.  My wife looks at me funny because I said yes outloud when I saw it.

  31. Brian Michael Bendis, you son of a bitch.

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