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STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Chris Samnee
COVER BY Sarah Pichelli

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

Perfect. That is the only word in the english language that can accurately describe this issue. I love Ultimate Spider-man and have read every single issue of the series dozens of times, but this issue is pure magic and one of the greatest issues I have ever read. The key to this issue’s success is that the art and writing are not only top-notch, but perfectly in sync. There are skilled writers and artists that produce quality comics no matter who their creative partners are, but a perfect comic is only possible when the creative team as a whole creates something that neither could create alone, that is what happens here. What makes this issue truly special is that Samnee’s art makes Bendis’ quiet, dialogue heavy moments, that many often criticize, truly shine by bringing out the true emotions of every character. There are only a few pages of Peter in costume, which are kinetic and breathtaking to say the least, but if there wasn’t a single panel of Spider-man in the issue, it wouldn’t have mattered. The creators, instead, expertly show the audience through the art and writing, who Peter, JJ, and MJ are and why they matter. In Samnee’s art, I could see Mary Jane’s love for Peter, the wonder in Peter’s eyes when he opened his Birthday gift, and the respect Jameson has gained for Peter over the years. I wasn’t told by the writer that I should feel these emotions, which often occurs in comics, instead I actually felt these emotions reach out from the page and grab me. Samnee and Bendis show in this issue that Peter, JJ, and MJ are fully formed three dimensional characters that I actually care about and in doing so reminded me why I love these characters and this series.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I deffinitely didn’t feel the artwork deserved a 5 – I thought it was the least exciting issue of the past 4 or so.  I’d give it a Story: 3, Art: 3.  I still think the book is amazing!

  2. The art is very expressive, but Peter and his Spider-Man alter ego looked too young.  Peter looks closer to 13 than 16, and Spider-Man has a childish physique.

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