Poor Peter Parker. All his friends hate him, his girlfriend has stopped speaking to him and to top it off, the whole world despises Spider-Man. What’s a dude to do?? How about save the world and maybe meet the new love of his life? Fan-favorite BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (NEW AVENGERS) and rising Ultimate sensation, SARA PICHELLI (RUNAWAYS) bring you a new and exciting Spider-Man story you don’t want to miss!!


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  1. ‘new love of his life’? How about old love of his life. MARY JANE! They need to get back together.

  2. I like him with Gwen better in this universe

  3. @roivampire I will fight you

  4. I agree, Ultimate Gwen > Ultimate MJ. Really like that cover. I hope we get more Bobby and Johnny this issue.

  5. Ultimate Gwen is the jam

  6. This comic is so good it’s silly. I’d go so far as to say it is the best non-Scalped book out there, and is more upbeat!  Perfect storm when they come out on the same week!   I’m with Prax: more Bobby and Johnny!

  7. Your all nuts. Ultimate Mary Jane is way prettier than Gwen. I mean really? A blond? Yuck. Go with the red head.

  8. I love this book. It’s ridiculous that it’s still this good, this far into it’s run. I know LaFuente isn’t stay on full time. But I really hope he doesn’t leave. It is such a perfect combo of writing and art. I’d be saddened if he full on left the book.

  9. Was just looking at some Sara Pichelli art, had never seen her stuff before. Looks pretty awesome to me. How long is her run supposed to be?

  10. The fact that everyone is arguing over Ultimate Gwen and MJ is awesome.

  11. @diebenny agreed. I’m going to make a t-shirt that say’s "Ultimate Gwen Stacy for class president" just for the hell of it

  12. LaFuente is not my favorite artist so I am really looking forward to Pichelli’s work on the book – the preview pages have me really excited.

  13. The art in this issue was killer, but man! Why does every issue of USM have to get me teary eyed?

  14. @Casey  For reals, it’s like a hallmark card with tights.

    I could read scenes of Peter, Johnny and Bobby just talking about girls for issues and issues. Hilarious

  15. I’ve picked up a month’s books at the same time due to being on holiday and this is the only one I’ve read so far and I feel like it’s going to be the best thing I read.  And that includes two issues of Scalped which until now I felt was the best comic around.  But I’m fickle so that could change back again by the end of my stack.  I really like Lafuente but the art here…I can live with Pichelli permanently on this book.

  16. This is my favorite kind of Ultimate Spider-Man issue. I love this stuff. Also, the best line of any book I read this week? “Wow, you really DID get shot in the head.”

  17. This is the best Bendis comic by about seventeen country miles.

    Pichelli I thought KILLED it on the Namora One-Shot, but had a totally different task here. Lanky peter is kind of a big change from the Lafuente art but the transition wasn’t so bad.

     Big smiles all around. 

  18. Man, I can just imagine the "Team Watson" and "Team Stacy" T-shirts…

  19. This was one of the best aftermath issues I ever read.

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