THE NEW ULTIMATES are here — and just in time to take on LOKI and the hordes of ASGARD. But when Amora the Enchantress goes to work on the team, who will betray them? And what terrifying pact will Thor make with Hela to be reborn? All this and the superstar team of Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho (who is doing the work of his career!).

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILS: Frank Cho
COVER BY: Frank Cho

Price: $3.99
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  1. Pfftt, Fucking Loeb

  2. But Love Cho!

  3. dude, thor banged demon woman last issue…. fucking loeb

  4. I’m kind of looking foreward to this a little more than Ultimate Avengers at this point.

  5. @edward- Who cares? When has Thor ever been a prude? 

  6. Yeah, i’m just saying loeb is a hack. Tony also banged a really hot blonde in the last issue. Loeb’s first panel of Ultimates 3 feature tony doing black widow from behind too

    I’m starting to see a pattern here

  7. @edward – come on man, don’t be mean to Loeb. He has done some good writing too you know (Long Halloween, Daredevil Yellow, etc).

    The art alone is a good reason to pick this up. I just wish they would have just released a graphic novel of this cause I would rather just get that. 

  8. thats such a lame defence of Loeb. The Long Halloween isn’t written well. it looks good but it’s not good.

    Same with this comic

  9. LOL It seems to me like I either haven’t been reading enough Loeb to hate his current work yet or the memories of stuff like "DAREDEVIL:YELLOW" and "SPIDER-MAN: BLUE" are just too fresh in my brain because I’m having a blast reading both this and "ULTIMATE X" 

  10. I enjoyed it – for the most part.  There were "Loeb moments" but I’m still hooked and enjoying this series – at least for now.

  11. Next issue on sale in July… Seriously? Also, love Cho, but why couldn’t he come up with his own Iron Man armor?

  12. Loeb is the ultimate fanboy — and his writing reflects it.

     But Frank Cho will sell this series.

  13. I think the perfect book would be written by Millar and Loeb, because they’d temper the bad parts of their writing and accentuate the good parts.

  14. No offense to Loeb and Cho, but I’m dropping this title after this issue. Probably going to get it in trade if I hear good things, but since it’s Loeb….I highly doubt it.

  15. After buying every Ultimate series titled comic for over a decade, I’m officially dropping this title. I can’t stand Loeb. In fact, I’m dropping everything but USM.

  16. Cho keeps me on this book, no question.  No one draws boobies better than Cho.  Enchantress looked spectacular in every panel.  The plot is meh…but then, it seems the whole "Ultimates" concept is starting to fall apart.

    But as long as Cho keeps drawing gorgeous ladies, I’m on board.  Sue me.  He’s that good.

  17. @edward – you win … this was an awfully written issue. Captain America hitting a woman and then telling her he doesn’t like hitting a woman?  What a joke? The cap in this issue thinks that the reason he is important is cause of his shield. What a joke.

  18. YES!

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