An Ultimate Comics groundbreaking miniseries!

Captain America has met his match, but just who exactly is this nemesis? And what does he want?

Superstars JASON AARON (PUNISHERMAX) and RON GARNEY (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X) bring you a gripping tale about what it truly means to wear the flag.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney
Colors by Jason Keith & Jim Charalampidis
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Ron Garney & Jason Keith

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. terminate with extreme prejudice …”

  2. Love me a Colonel Kurtz reference

  3. First issue was surprisingly bland for an Aaron book–hopefully this will kick things up a notch (or I may have to drop this title–excited to be able to download it day and date though and hope to see more of these releases by marvel)

  4. Other then the clear fact that this Captain America is a total asshole; nothing else stood out with me in the writing. Hope it gets better here.

  5. Agree with you guys. I think that if Aaron hadn’t told everyone going into it that Steve Rogers Cap would be facing Vietnam Cap that this would have been more enjoyable. Kinda made issue #1 obsolete IMO. Still looking forward to this though, my faith in Aaron isn’t that easily shaken.

  6. Uhm…yeah…read the preview for this issue…a-hole Cap feels really forced and insincere compared to the man-out-of-time-fuddy-duddy in Ultimates 1 and 2. Bummer.

  7. i like the total asrehole captain america. it means he’s not the complete pussy captain america of 616

  8. @OttoBott  I think the asshole thing has grown over time. Cap has been kept out of the loop by Fury a lot more than he would like and he’s probably getting more bitter by the day.

  9. @edward – to be clear, Ultimates Cap is, by far, my favorite Cap. And maybe I mischaraciterized it – Aaron’s Cap doesn’t feel like an ass so much as boorish and cruel (which I didn’t pick up in Ultimates)

    This is after reading 6 pages of previews though. Maybe it’s better on the full read.

    @roi – I could buy that and be OK with it.  

  10. @OttoBott  I just reread the first two ultimates and cap gets angrier as it goes on. it’s a theory anyway

  11. I have yet to read a likeable version of Captain America. They should make a Captain Central America who has ratty facial hair and never wears shoes. 

  12. Well I accidently forgot to put this on my pullbin. So no issue for me until next week.

  13. I wasnt really overally impressed with the first issue but for some reason i REALLY liked this issue. loved the dialog with captain america and carol danvers.

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