Like father like long-lost psychotic son? Not quite! Looks like this anticipated Father-Son reunion will result in bullets instead of tears! Will the Avengers get there in time to keep Captain America and Red Skull from blowing themselves away and the world in the process? Hold on to your masks! The wildly entertaining team-up of MARK MILLAR (ULTIMATES) and CARLOS PACHECO (AVENGERS FOREVER) bring you the exhilarating conclusion of ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS: THE NEXT GENERATION!

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Carlos Pacheco
COVER BY: Carlos Pacheco

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  1. bring it on

  2. This is the absolutely anti-Ulimates 1 & 2. That said, it’s been a whole lot of fun.

  3. the dealys are killing me, I want to read this more often!!

  4. @DarthDuck – the delays killed my interest. Even though I know that Yu can hit his deadlines, I am going to be skipping Vol. 2 in order to wait for trade.

  5. agreed

  6. Just recently read Avenvers Forever for the first time and damn what happened to Pacheco? Dude used to be so fucking awesome. His art looks way too sparse in this. I wonder if I were to go and reread all of this ‘series’ I’d have a better hold on the story.

  7. The delays on this weren’t near as bad as some other books

  8. I love this book. No matter how late it is. 

  9. Oh, come on. That was a delay? did you read Ultimates 2?

  10. @edward Exactly what I thought!

  11. @edward Hahaha. Well Said.

    Looking forward to this, but… I think I’m gonna shift into Ultimate Spider-Man being my only foray into the Ultimate universe when this is over. 

  12. I dropped this at the start of this arc because of finance and delays, but if Leinil Yu is coming on board I will definately be up for it. Love that guys work. His Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk was top notch, not to mention New Avengers and Secret Invasion.

  13. The July soliciate has Ultimate Avengers 2 #5.  How is that possible?

  14. @darthduck Maybe it’s going bi-weekly or something crazy

  15. tantric Ultimate Avengers

  16. ha! because it’s going BI-weekly!

  17. I was going for little to no Ultimate Avengers and then an explosion of Ultimate Avengers…but take the joke for what you will

  18. Hope I have the discipline to re-read 1-5 before finally going to 6.

  19. @darthduck: my girlfriend’s BI… Bipolar, that is! Nah, she’s not but it’ll suck if she was, right? (sorry, two terrilbe jokes)

    @Urthona: Discipline? Discipline is needed to read 5 mark millar issues? that’s like saying, i hope i have the discipline to eat this Big Mac and fries. 

  20. Did anyone notice that at the end of this issue, it says the next issue goes on sale "4/28/10"?

     Is that a typo or are they really catching up on lost time?

  21. This was kind of crappy.

    Don’t know what to make of the Red Skull’s death bed nonsense.

    Thought the action was kind of lame. War Machine should have grabbed the cosmic cube instead of the Red Skull.

    The take down shot was kind of cool, but not enough. 1/5 and dropped.

  22. The cosmic cubed-Red Skull reminded me of the Mad Doctor fight in Millar’s Authority run. It was done a lot better then too.

     I did like the conclusion. Nick Fury is back.

    Looking forward to the Yu stuff.

  23. This really fell flat for me.  That being said I got excited by the last few pages.

    As you said, ProjectX2, Fury is back!

  24. I just realized something: most of this series has been all vertical panels. Same with Nemesis. I have a feel Millar has forgotten to write a comic and take advantage of this medium.

  25. Here’s the preview for Ultimate Avengers 2, out next week. I dunno…I’m tempted, if only for Yu’s work. The pitch isn’t quite as compelling to me as this series (I haven’t read the last issue though). We’ll see.

  26. This wasn’t bad – typically Millar in it’s empty-headed summer movie thrills.  That’s why I read this book and it suits me fine.

  27. The art was great but this issue was kinda meh.  Red Skull was just complaining the whole issue.

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