It’s an all out super hero throw-down! Captain America and The Avengers face-off as the dreaded Red Skull plots universal mayhem! How will Fury’s death squad cope with the legend and his son? The world as we know it is on the line! Join superstars MARK MILLAR and CARLOS PACHECO for the next mind-blowing chapter!

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Carlos Pacheco
COLORED BY: Justin Ponsor
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
COVER BY: Carlos Pacheco

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’ve liked this the most of all the new-line Ultimate books.

  2. Wow this disapeared for a few months didn’t it? It was like having the old ‘ultimates’ back

  3. Man, I love Ultimate Captain America. He’s fucking awesome. so violent, so pissed off with how stupid everything in the popular culture is.


    The character is fantastic. He came from that period before WW2 when America was this brilliant, genuine and represented a really great ideal. Now, he is used to juxtapose that with the post Ragan America which sold it’s people interests to big banks and exports MacDonalds all over the world — if the movie captures this idea it will be great. 


    Trust me. if you’re an americian you may not see that or feel like that. However, to a certain extent that has been what’s happened

  4. @Edward – I think Brubaker captured what you’re saying perfectly during his run. 

  5. @edward – No, we probably skew politically, but that’s pretty much what I dig about Ultimate Cap too. I was expecting more of the same when I got Brubaker’s Captain America omnibus and was sorely disappointed when he didn’t talk and act like my grandpa.

    Millar’s characterization of Cap is just bloody brilliant.

  6. @edward-While I agree completely with how you describe Millar’s Ultimate Cap (and how he is freakin’ awesome), pre-WWII USA was a pretty shitty place too, it just did not slap you in the face with the emphasis on materialism every five minutes like now.

  7. Here’s the difference. Brubaker’s American, Millar’s not.

    Brubaker’s Cap is part of that romantic Norman Rockwell era America. (which I think was post ww2 so doesn’t really make sense) Millar idea of that period of America comes from a European tradition. America came into  Europe, liberate the france,  moved west, aggressively. They weren’t emotionally torn. They didn’t over think things. They got in and did they job. European must have been in awe of their force. That’s what Ultimate Captain America is; not over-sentimentality   

    Having said that Brubaker’s Cap is good to

  8. I don’t know.. I actually had some big problems with Millar’s characterization.  "That A on my helmet doesn’t stand for France!"  shows a complete lack of historical understanding. 

  9. @Crippler Yeah, cause soldiers in WW@ were famous for their historical knowledge of France and it’s military history. C’mon it’s a character moment.

  10. meant WW2, damn shift key

  11. @Crippler: the character actually said that was a stupid line he didn’t really think about before he said it in a later issue. So there’s that

  12. @Edward – When was that? I remember Brubaker’s Captain America saying the French weren’t cowards, don’t remember the Ultimate Cap saying the same though.

  13. Should just change this title to ultimate Captain America

  14. @ottoBott: In issue 13 of the first Ultimates series. Cap is talking to Nick Fury after the battle and discussing what happened. Nick said he thought the France line was funnier. Cap confusses that he doesn’t really consider the things he says in situtaion like that too carefully.


  15. @RoiVampire – It’s an incorrect character moment.  This idea of France being a nation of weak-willed, capitulating pacifists has been a 21st century invention, largely based upon a need to inflame counter-opposition to France’s refusal to support the Iraq war.  ie: Freedom Fries FTW. 

    @Edward – that’s right, but I think that moment is generally not as well remembered.  Like I said, Millar’s Cap is good.  IMO, Brubaker’s is better.  I think he represented the potential for the  American Dream (a car in every yard and a chicken in every pot and etc.) and then when he comes face to face with the modern reality of having that promise ring false, well, THAT is where we see the great character moments.  In the juxtaposition of what is and what could have been….and if we can leave the Reborn mess behind… what might still be. 

  16. the americian dream is ridiculous. it may ingratiated into the americian psyche but it was also bastardised by some marketing scheme so you continue to consume, to buy stuff you don’t need and feeling like you have to keep up with the Jones.

    If brubaker’s captain America represnets that than the character should go away to the homes of families with foreclosed mortages and kick them

  17. @ Crippler – I can recall cracks about France "folding like a card table," etc. from my childhood in the 80’s and 90’s (particularly in The Simpsons).  I am pretty sure the sentiment comes from post WW2, which is weird, because, you know, the Resistance and all that.  I am not saying it is at all accurate, just that I don’t think the 2000s had much to do with it. Did that issue of Ultimates came out shortly after 9/11 and before the Iraq war?  Maybe not, but I think it was, like, 8 years ago, before the Iraq war was official. 

  18. Also, I think that stereotype of France stems from the fact that France, for a historical world power, was occupied in both World Wars while Britain wasn’t. As a result, it became a stereotype that France couldn’t fully defend their borders to the extent Britain could and then the U.S came swooping in both times to turn the tides.

  19. I’m not following any other Ultimate books right now, have they revieled who the spider-man is they have at the Ultimate’s base or whatever? It’s been a long time but i think someone said "You don’t wanna know who it is." or something right around the time they were introducing the "Civil" Hulk.

  20. @Edward – I just checked and in issue 3 of this new series, Hawkeye says that "Cap hates the French".  So, Millar hasn’t dropped that particular issue…  Also, ridiculous or not Cap represents a generation that believed in it.  We are from a generation that does not. 

    @Andrew – Sure, of course it’s been around before.  I’m just saying that this whole ‘we hate France’ thing is clearly a product of the past decade, with Freedom Fries being a perfecte example.  There were no freedom fries in the 80s were there? 

    If you want to get a simplistic but probably not too far incorrect view of what an American might have thought of France in 1942, watch Casablanca.  The scene where Victor Lazlo gets the band to drum up La Marseillaise is triumphant. 


  21. Awesome and fun series so far. 

  22. @edward The American dream has shifted dramatically since our founding.  Cap, to me, represents the concept of freedom from foreign rule or threats and being able to make enough for one’s self to live comfortably.  That was the mentality coming out of the Depression era.  Now, the American Dream is more ‘get it now’, which I participate in so I can’t judge.

  23. wait a second. How exactly does Captain Americia represent the idea of owning a house?

  24. I was just piggy-backing off of what you said about how the American Dream had been bastardized.  Now how that relates to Cap?  Your guess is as good as mine.  There were several thoughts running through my mind at the time and I think I put ‘living comfortably’ in the wrong place.  Sorry for the confusion.  Fucking ADD:(

    Also keep in mind that I’ve been drinking Jack and Diet since 6pm and its about 10pm now.

  25. Making fun of the French is not a new thing.

    hahahaha, don’t blame the American dream for fools buying houses at inflated prices here in America in 2004-2008.

    Blame the American education system for not teaching common sense and a basic understanding of economic principles.

  26. @fvckstick – As far as I know, no, they’ve not revealed who the spider-guy is yet, but I’d really like to know.

    My guess is it’s some malevolent daemon that imprinted off of him when it escaped from Dr. Strange’s house in Ultimatum/Ultimate-Spiderman.

  27. And the comments exploded. Man i love a good debate.

  28. At least Australia’s national heroes are all crinimals and alcoholics. that’s all I can say

  29. The Wild Colonial Boy?  I would read a comic book based on that song!

  30. Only three good things ever came out of Australia:

    Mad Max


    Crocodile Hunter

  31. @scorpionMasada Obviously you’ve never heard the Hamish and Andy Show. itunes it sir

  32. @scorpionmasada – you forgot the hot chick from the first Transformers movie.  (well she played Austrailian, I don’t know if she actually was)

    Oh, and regarding this comic.  Super excited that it’s finally here and I can’t wait to read it!

  33. never seen Mad Max or The Crocodile Hunter and i dislike AC/DC

    However, i did met the chick from Transformers at the National Protrait Gallery once, We chatted about a huge Annie Leibovitz photo. – See that? swarve, yeah?

  34. Don’t you have any Aussie pride, edward?

    This ain’t an Australian celebration thread.

    I was trying to be mean, nationalistic and stereotypicallly American.

    This thread has derailed and I’m suprised Conor isn’t regulating on us.

  35. Well we’re all being pretty civil. shhhhh, lets keep it going

  36. Aussie pride – yes

    bad Taste in film, tv and music – no

  37. I guess you had enough pride to put the / in ACDC.

    R.I.P. Croc Hunter

    By the way, Aussie isn’t a derogatory term for Australian like Polock is for Polish, right?

    Beyond the Thunderdome, baby.

  38. the last time someone called me an aussie only One Man Left!

  39. So if you don’t like AC/DC, I guess you like Men At Work . . .

    I thought Back In Black was like the national anthem or some shit down there.

  40. actually, now you’re starting to be a little offensive


    plus it sounds liek you haven’t heard any new music for 20 years

  41. Some would consider that to be largely a blessing.

  42. I apologize and I will no longer be offensive because I have exhausted the extent of my knowledge of Australia.

    I did just hear about the secret origin of the Sentry.

    Supposedly he is actually an Australian who has slowly gone crazy because of the aluminum poisoning in Foster’s oil cans.

    Now I’m done.

  43. Only americians drink fosters – they want to be more like us

  44. Notice I didn’t mention Foster’s as one of the only good things to come out of Australia.

    Captain Australia would be a cool handle for you (just to tie it back into the comic topic). Could you rename yourself for me?

  45. yup, i’m a little tired of talking about australia now

  46. Me too, mate.

    Where my Canadians at?

  47. I dont know why everyone is doggin Australia now… Im half Australian and spent years growing up in Taree (only edward could possibly have any idea where that is). Given the choice i would live there over anywhere in america any day….

     Gotta agree with the Edward on the AC/DC though… 

  48. Fuck me, can we PLEASE move on with this discussion?

  49. @rifft1128: Did Tony Doherty teach at your school?

  50. So, after reading Akamuu’s early review it looks like a big I told you so is in order regarding Millar’s continued idiotic fascination with attacking France. I think I’m just about at the point where I won’t touch any Ultimate titles unless they have the name of Bendis on them. 

  51. @edward – Mad Max is a great movie. You should check it out. AC/DC were Irish and awesome. Croc-hunter or dundee, I could do without.

  52. When is the trade out on this book? I bough the first issue and liked it, but I could wait.

  53. @amircat (This isn’t a loaded question) How old are you?

  54. @Amircat: AC/DC is Scottish, dude

  55. Thought this was going to be my last issue, but this arc doesn’t finish til next issue.

    I like this book, but I’m not sure why I like Millar’s writing on this book but hate Loeb’s writing in a lot of his current Marvel work . . . they rely on similar conventions.

  56. well theres no doubt aboot it im canadian as well eh… and i kinda feel left out cause i missed the whole austrilian debate, oh and ps syill digging this title and damn those quebecers, whoops i mean french go cap

  57. @RLPRime: i spent a year in canmoore, alberta near banff. It’s an awesome place


  59. excuse me, can we please keep the topic of all posts about me – thank you

  60. I wish the avengers actually had ‘616’ counterparts. I don’t know who the hell anyone other than Captain America was. This was fun though.

  61. I like the Ult-Red Skull, great villian. The Avengers team was a little dull. This issue probably won’t have seemed so dull if it was a monthly book, but from a whenever it comes out book I’d like more.

  62. This is probably my favorite characterization of the Wasp. The revenge story Kill Bill type background for her. And she is a lot more dangerous than the other Wasp.

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