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  1. I think this issue needs to impress me or it’s dropped.

  2. The first issue was boring, but I really liked the second one.  I’m going to give it a 2 out of 3 try, but I might end up dropping it because it’s Millar and I don’t feel like waiting 7 months between issues.

  3. But this has been coming out on schedule, hasn’t it?

  4. I’ve been enjoying everything in the new Ultimate titles so far.  At the moment this one is my favorite.

  5. @Slockhart It’s stupid to blame Millar. From what I’ve read, he seems to write all his scripts months or in some cases, years before they begin being illustrated. He just happens to do a lot of work with artists not exactly reknown for keeping to regular schedules (Hitch, Harris, McNiven).

  6. The schedule of this has been up to scratch – plus it’s just big-budget, summer movie fun.  I don’t look for depth from Millar, just enjoyment.

  7. Don’t his books always stay on schedule for the first few issues?  And I’m not necessarily blaming him, just pointing out a common trend.

    I’m surprised I pulled this book at all, really.  The best Millar I’ve ever read was "okay at best," so maybe that’s why I’m looking for a reason to drop this.

  8. I really hate that cover, looks too much like greg land, but the art on the inside has been so good that i can forgive Carlos, but just this once

  9. This issue was okay. I think I liked the first two better.

  10. The story was good, but every character felt like they were written as a 13 year old’s perception of a badass, even more so than usual, and it really got on my nerves.  I think I’ll have to drop it.

  11. Interesting. This did feel a little over the top in places. I wish I could give it a high 3 instead of a 4. 

  12. My LCS didn’t get their copies of this issue. 

    Related:  Neither did I.

  13. I liked it. I think this is my favourite issue so far. I’m interested in the new characters, especially Rhodes and his Transformer.

  14. @BoneMachine
    What about Kickass? Doesn’t that come out once every reincarnation of the Dhali Lama in spite of the oft timely pencils JRJR?

  15. @ProjectX2: I agree with everything yu just said.  Rhodes was the best part of the issue.

  16. Think I’m done on this one. Loved the story idea in the first issue couldn’t have cared less for the last two. Cant afford to keep pouring $4 down the drain.

  17. I loved it.  I know its the comic version of the big budget action movie but that’s just fine with me.  Pumped about this new team and looking forward to learning more about them, especially War Machine and "Spider-Man".  I’m really enjoying the new Ultimate books.

  18. I have let to really decide what I think.

  19. I’m tired of yet-another cast of replacements.

  20. Pacheco’s artwork is amazing!  I love his panels with Captain America doing acrobatics.

  21. Nerd hulk….boob job…this is the sound of one writer coasting.  At one point I stopped reading and just looked at the pictures, much better!

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