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  1. I’ll be picking this up because Millar’s behind it and I love the ultimate series , but I want to live an a alternate reality where I can buy this book for $2.99

  2. Why are the Ultimate books $3.99, I though it was just Marvel pricing up their #1’s, I didn’t realise it was going to continue. I’m trying to limit the $4 books I get (in my logic it means I can get more $3 dollar ones).

    I did like issue 1 though, so I’ll give it another look.

  3. is it just me or have all the new ultimate books so been really short

  4. I would have enjoyed last issue more if Millar hadn’t spoiled certain plot points.  Then again, it’s my fault for reading transripts from the panels he was on.  Either way, might pick this up if Im in the mood when at the shop

  5. Yah I got spoiled too, as did the iFanboys, because if we had not, it would have been pick of the week.  Good news is, this is a strong contender for that this week.

  6. I didn’t get spoiled.

  7. Loving this book.  I think ‘ultimate’ Red Skull has great potential and if kept in the right hands could become new, major bad guy in the Ultimate Universe.

    But that’s all from one issue, maybe I’m too excited to think straight…

  8. I usually don’t get too uppity about $3.99 books, but the last issue read sooo fast that I did feel gipped a little.

  9. @crazychris i flashed threw the last issue too, its nice to know im not the only one

  10. This is shaping up to be quite good although I would have liked more hints on the team Fury has in mind.

  11. I think this is the first time I’ve ever not liked my first issue of something, decided to give it another shot, and actually felt like I had made a good decision.

  12. this is what i’ve been waiting for…thank you Mr. Millar

  13. Boo.

  14. I agree with the other posters that said this would have been a lot better if Millar hadn’t basically revealed both cliffhangers so far. Maybe I should stop reading interviews or maybe he should keep his trap shut for once.

    Other than that, pretty good isuse. Ultimate Red Skull seems scary and I’m looking forward to Nick Fury’s "death squad."

  15. Did Millar spoil something that was revealed in this issue, because I don’t recall any ‘blow me away’ moments (‘this blows’ moments, on the other hand…). Or is it something that this issue is leading up to? Perhaps something that explains why Cap just wants to fight everyone he’s supposed to be sided with?

  16. @captbastrd

    Agreed… I haven’t seen any big reveals yet… and if one was the Red Skull thing at the end of #1… that was a really weak reveal. 

  17. It’s just that the last two issues have ended with the reveal of Red Skull being Cap’s son and Tony Stark’s brother, which I think would have been good surprises if we ddin’t already know about them three months before hand.

  18. I didn’t know about tony stark’s brother or the red skull beforehand.  Maybe I spend less time looking at comic news.

  19. Oh, the reveal was that Tony has a brother? The Red Skull reveal last issue was enough to make me begrudgingly read this issue, but Brother Stark…? Why am I supposed to care enough to go to issue 3?

  20. I don’t feel like knowing about Red Skull and Tony’s brother ruined anything for me.  I didn’t need the mystery of ‘who is the Red Skull?’, I’d much rather experience this as Cap does.  I know who he is not lets get on with it!  Red Skull vs. Cap vs. Death Squad (the real first arc mystery)   I look forward to more.

  21. Correction: I know who he is (NOW) lets get on with it! 

  22. This was really good.  And my goodness, that art is gorgeous.

    The Ultimates are back.

  23. I don’t know if I like these new changes with Cap’s son and Tony’s brother. Oh well.


    And why is Hawkeye still wearing that damn costume!?

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