Some jobs are just too dirty for the Ultimates. For these, Nick Fury must gather the Avengers, a black ops team willing to do the missions that others won’t. What role will an infamous mass killer play in Fury’s plans? Find out here, as the Punisher returns to the Ultimate Universe! The blockbuster team of MARK MILLAR (ULTIMATES) and LEINIL FRANCIS YU (SECRET INVASION) presents the explosive beginning to ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT.

WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Leinil Francis Yu
INKS: Gerry Alanguilan
COLORED BY: Laura Martin
LETTERED BY: Jared Fletcher
COVER BY: Leinil Francis Yu

Price: $3.99
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  1. so psyched to see Yu on a book again

  2. Writer: Gary Martin????

  3. Otherwise just super excited to have anything with Yu art in it.

  4. Thgats a typo of some kind, the cover says Millar. weird

  5. 4 panels a page with a full page panel every 5 pages. I gaurentee it.

  6. It’s good to see Yu again. Yu look good. have Yu been working out? well, it shows. 

  7. Yu’s art can sometimes look awkward to me. I think it depends on who is inking him, but that may not be it completely.

    Sometimes he seems to have too many lines in the face . . .

  8. let’s read it!!! 

  9. Wait a minute, didn’t Ultimate Avenger just come out like two weeks ago?

  10. Yeah they’re making up for the delays I guess. Yu is fast as hell

  11. Well, Thank YOU, YU!

  12. Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Yu will be guests at my LCS on FCBD. Signed!

  13. @jackietam actually it was last week. Not even two Weeks between issues becuase the first series got held up and Yu is not a great artist but also can produce work on time.

  14. ordinarily I would respect your right to have a different opinion from me but – WTF?! Yu is a great artist! And as well as that he gets his stuff in on time. My favourite artist around at the moment… OK fanboy stress over with. I am definately picking this up.

  15. Punisher on the cover is shooting really small guys in suits. That’s just not cool, Punny.

  16. My earlier post should say ‘not ONLY is Yu a great artist but…’ oops sorry

  17. @Edward – Comedy gold right there. Yu do any stand up?

  18. @Kickass: just assume when i write something that isn’t funny that it is actually ironic and a biting satirical commentary

  19. I’m so confused by all these different Ultimates Comics Avengers Ultimate Volume 2 #1 etc … I wish they just kept it as "The Ultimates". I can’t keep up.

  20. I was just so so on this until they suited frank up and then i saw that last page. don’t get me wrong i was gonna buy it for the art and to keep up with nick fury anyways but damn those two things made me want to read the next issue like right now

  21. So… Good issue but not great… My biggest problem is the punisher himself. What is different about this punisher than 616 and is millar basically ripping off Fractions Civil War: Punisher run with that suit and idea? It looks almost identical. 

  22. @rift1128 in the ultimate universe frank is a former cop and the mob tracked him down and killed his family in front of him. In 616 they were caught in the cross fire which probably explains why he enjoys what he does more openly in the ultimate universe. Franks not as sadistic in 616.

  23. @RoiVampire Thanks. I know i missed the intro to him previously in the Ultimate Universe so was slightly behind. Still feel jipped on the idea of him in the cap suit but overall that helps. 

  24. Is the Hulk Luke Cage?

    I’m new to the universe. Sorry.

  25. @NathanNicadao – "new to the universe." You do realise you are breaking the second law of thermodynamics then!

  26. @NathanNicadao Whoever that Hulk is we haven’t met him yet so who knows

  27. If it was Bendis we know it’d be Luke Cage, but since Bendis is an Ultimate Universe mastermind, it still could be.

    I really, really like this issue!!  Outside of Civil War, has Millar done much with the Punisher before now?

  28. I definitely liked the first Ultimate Avengers way more, that seemed like a Bombastic action filled Millar story that I think Nemesis might turn out to be. 

    I think the Hulk is going to be "Powerman" but it doesn’t have to be Luke Cage since this is the Ultimate Universe.

  29. Oh. Ok. Thanks, guys.

  30. Anybody noticed some "jumps" in the dialogues?

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