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  1. $5.99? Is that a typo is this a longer book than normal? I’m still excited for getting it, just wondered.

  2. It’s longer than normal. I guess that’s so that they can make it a two parter. I heard an interview with the writer on around comics a while ago, and the plot of this sounded phenominal. I’m looking forward to this.

  3. My most anticipated read this week!

  4. @Eyun – Look directly above the price.

  5. D’oh!  I just e-mailed the guys asking for good Two-Face recommendations.  Guess I will be making a trip to the LCS for this one!

  6. This ought to be interesting. Great timing too!

  7. I wasn’t gonna pick this up, only because of the price, but $5.99 for 48 pages, when we usually pay $2.99 for 22 pages is … dude, I suck at maths, but that sounds OK to me.

  8. Hey that’s right. Four free pages!

  9. @Conor – Ahh, sorry. When I left that comment the blurb wasn’t up, only saw the price. My bad!

  10. im really excited for this book i have alwayed really enjoyed the two face charicter and im glad they finally did him justice in a movie. hope its worth the price

  11. Seeing the Two-Face origin developed so well onscreen was the highlight of Dark Knight for me (and I thought the whole movie was great — that was just the best part).  I’m hoping this mini will do it justice in comics form.  I can’t think that I’ve ever been let down by a ‘Year One,’ either, so the outlook seems good.

  12. Ra’s Year One was the only "meh" story for me. I really like Saiz’s art a lot and it is mainly why my expectations are going to be high for this.

  13. Look at the doorknob and then look at Harvey’s face.  The doorknob is so tiny.

  14. Any book that prominently features the GCPD is great.  I liked when Bullock smashed that guys face onto the hot oven.

  15. Just finished this a moment ago.  It was a nice tie-in with Long Halloween and Dark Victory, especially since I just finished reading those this month.  Sort of a "different camera" look at some Two-Face scenes from that story line.

  16. I pretty much flushed flushed 6$ down the toilet.

  17. I thought this book was awesome, it’s my personal POW (such a prestigious honor).

    I’d be happy if all comics were this format, even if meant they came out once every two months — more pages, higher quality production and NO ADS!

  18. I find it waaaay too dependant on continuity.

  19. Much much better than I expected.  I loved it!  It tied in nicely to Long Halloween; I’m tired of all these retcons that undo everything we have come to know.  It’s nice to know which way we’re facing for once.

  20. @WadeWilson – I agree with the format comment. I really enjoy the adless format.


    Great book.

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