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The Pilot Season Winner Returns in “Heroes and Villains” Part 3!

It’s a case of multiple personalities as Twilight Guardian is pitched several possible interpretations of her tireless war on crime in her very own comic book! Which identity will Twilight Guardian choose? And has her arch villain Dusk Devil finally come to confront her on her home turf?

Eisner-nominated creator and writer Troy Hickman (Common Grounds) and talented up-and-coming artist Siddharth Kotian (Eat The Dead) continue the highly anticipated four-issue mini-series.

Issue #3 features a portrait of Twilight Guardians by Jeffrey Spokes (Witchblade, Irredeemable).


Price: $3.99
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  1. This is the issue I’ve been most looking forward too.

  2. I had a great time with these so far.  They feel like they’re coming out fast.  I hope there’s room for more of this.  Can’t wait to see how she does now that she’s back home.

  3. If they keep it going, I’m going to kill a major character every three months.

    Oh, wait…

  4. @TroyH  Ha!

  5. I’m loving this series, finally a non-super violent comic, about a character becoming a super-hero real world style.  Well so far at least, @TroyH has been giving me nice twists in the story so the finally could be ultra violent.
    Also I loved how the artists inserted all the topcow stuff at the convention.

  6. @PotatoPope  I’d hedge my bets against a violent ending. I think Pam’s fight is within not wthout. There have been plenty of opprotunity to ruin this book by veering left into “stylized” territory and though Hickman has deliberately flirted with those ideas it was more to accentuate the main thrust of the book imo. The main thrust being to make the mundane interesting. This is the story of a person who could actually exist. Contrary to Kick Ass which was never intended to be a real-life story but rather a stylized development of a premise inspired by reality. Twilight Guardian always meant to follow through on it’s premise in a logical way. The story even acknowledges the fiction of super-violence in Avernus’ pitches for the Twilight Guardian character. And Hickman pulls no punches in his parody of violent superhero stories. If Troy were to double back and turn Twilight Guardian into a character he’s just parodied, that would be very unusual.

    That’s my opinion based on my interview with Troy Hickman. I have a lot of respect for Troy in sticking to his guns and for Top Cow to let him tell his story in this low-key tone.

  7. At the same time, in a book like this any violence would be that much more powerful within the story.  Another fantastic issue by the way; so far this and Morning Glories are best from my stack.

  8. This is getting beat up by the critics on and elsewhere.

    Also, this chick is shirtless and braless on the cover.  “Take that shadowy upskirt drawings, you’ve been 1-upped!”

  9. @KickAss  The cover, along with the story uses parody very effectively.

  10. @KickAss  You know how the Roman emperors used to purposely have a guy standing behind them telling them “you are only a mortal, you are only a mortal”?

    I pay this guy to do that for me… 😉

  11. Any chance of an going after this mini-series ends? It’s one of my favourite books at the moment.

  12. Hard to say, GiantRaven. On the plus side, the last I heard they were talking about optioning it for a movie, which I think would almost certainly warrant more issues.

  13. When the character makes note of the time isn’t it supposed to be 12am and not 12pm? It does this twice in this issue. I’m guessing someone will correct it for the next issue. I’m curious how everything will turn out in the next issue!

  14. Meagan, I believe you asked me about this in an email, but I’ll answer it here, for all the world to see: I screwed up! Yeah, that am/pm thing happens at least once an issue, and usually either I catch it or my editor does. But not here. Mea culpa.

    HOWEVER, in classic Marvel No-Prize fashion, let’s see if I can fix this. See, the captions appear EXACTLY like they do in TG’s journal, and as you’ve read, she’s not been thinking clearly of late, so MAYBE she wrote down “pm” when she meant “am”…

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    P.S. Hey, at least I didn’t have Hercules tow Manhattan back into place, backwards, with a chain…

  15. Didn’t mean to come off as a nit-picky jerk. I love the series! It’s in the top 5 of what I’m reading right now in single issues. I loved the current issue especially because of the different styles the Twilight Guardian was portrayed in for comic series drafts. I’m super psyched for the next issue.

  16. It’s the nature of comics; you never realize your mistakes until the book is on the stands… 😉

    No, I’m glad you caught it. I wonder if it’s possible for them to change it before the TPB. If not, I’m still going with my first excuse!

    Good to hear you dig the book. I hope you like the big conclusion, when we find out that Twilight Guardian is a Skrull, and…


  17. I don´t know why some people talks shit about this book, it´s really fun and well done.
    Keep up the good work, and more stories like this and litlle less Skrulls and……you know.

  18. I have insider info that leads me to believe Twilight Guardian is the new Ghost Rider.

  19. She’s covering a flaming head with that hoodie…

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