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  1. from 518 pulls to this im glad i stopped reading after 5

  2. Well I’m glad I stayed on it. I know this hasn’t been a popular book, and I agree that it didn’t need to be a year-long epic, but I’ve really enjoyed the ride and there were only a few dull spots.

    I think I’ll pick up the trades too.

  3. While I won’t be picking up the trades, I will say this was a generally enjoyable book.  Not a 4 or 5 star book, but a decent 3.5. 

  4. It only feels like a year ago we were complaining about this book. *sighs* Memories.

    But an 89% decrease in pulls from first issue to last? EPIC FAIL.

  5. Pulls went up six hours ago. I’m sure not everyone checks in every day. But it isn’t surprising though. Most books drop in pull numbers every month and Trinity has had over 4 times the chances for that number to drop.

  6. This should give you a better idea on how this book has done with the iFanbase:

    I lost interest in this one halfway through. But I am super excited for the next weekly book. That should be really interesting.

  7. @conor: The next weekly book as in Wednesday Comics? Or is there another year long weekly that they’re talking about?


  9. Yay Wednesday Comics!!!! 😀 And I’m eager to pick this up in trade too

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