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  1. I know Busiek is taking his time to tell this story, but seriously, we’ve been without the Trinity for over a month now. People signed up for this series to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Give us Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Please.

  2. The story for the last month (minus one bad issue) has been the best story so far.  This book is about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and their importance in the DCU, and the entire point of this current arc is to show what would happen without them.

  3. I realize that, and can definitely appreciate showing the audience how crucial the Trinity is to keeping the world in balance, but ever since le Fey, Enigma, and Ro / Despero pulled the hocus pocus, it just feels like some air’s been let out of the tires. I totally get *why* we’re getting what we’re getting – I just wish we could get through it a little more quickly.

  4. @ Viewt and Conor – You are both right.  Seeing the world without the Trinity is intended to demonstrate the essential nature of the Trinity, but the world without the Trinity isn’t as exciting as seeing the world without the Trinity WHILE WATCHING THE TRINITY TRY TO FIX IT.  I think that if they had laced a little of the Trinity’s current whereabouts in with the "world without a Trinity" storyline the book would be stronger.  (Seems like that would have been a good way to use the back up feature.)

    Maybe that is exactly what they are planning to do this month.  From the description above: "But where exactly are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and will they ever return"

  5. i think its time to drop this book.  ive been on the fence about it for awhile, but now i just cant seem to justify a weekly book that i dont love and barely like.  i wouldve thought idve learned my lesson with that steaming pile of shit and waste of money that was countdown, but i guess not.  too bad dc didnt just let this be a twelve page book and cut the price by a buck, cuz then i might stay on.  really, the second half of the book is just disapointing at this point.  tom derenick is one of my least favorite artists, and who gives a shit about kan jar ro and kronas?  and the lettering with 3 and @ pissed me off.  man, i miss 52

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